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Can I Prevent Employees from Syncing Corporate Documents to Personal Cloud Storage Accounts?

cloud security

Cloud Storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive follow the rule that anything that can be copied to the hard-drive or to some removable storage device can be uploaded into personal files in the cloud. The bad news is that nothing differentiates corporate from personal documents, so whether it’s a OneDrive folder or a USB they save them on your business’s documents could already be walking out the door with your employees. Still, there are a few steps you can take to protect your information.

Have Spies Been Hiding Secret Code in Placeholder Text?


You know those stories on the Internet that you’re pretty sure can’t be true… but what if they’re true?!?!?! This is one of those stories. At his site KrebsonSecurity, security expert Brian Krebs writes about a weird coincidence/Illuminati conspiracy involving Google Translate and the “lorem ipsum” placeholder text that shows up “accidentally” around the Internet when designers forget to put in actual text. (The scare quotes around “accidentally” are your signal to go ahead and put on your tinfoil hat.)

Until very recently, Krebs writes, putting some of that ever-present placeholder text through Google Translate would return English text that feels a lot like something out of the Cold War. “lorem lorem” translated to “China’s Internet”, “consectetur Sit Sit Dolor” comes up “Russia May Be Suffering” and (most importantly) “Ipsum Ipsum Lorem Lorem” returned “Very very sexy sexy.”

So, have superspies been using seemingly innocuous placeholder text to chat about global superpowers right under our noses? Probably not? But the case that Krebs, researcher Michael Shoukry and “another reasearcher who wished to be identified only as ‘Kraeh3n’” make is an incredibly interesting read.

Check out their claims on Krebs’s website, and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Limits are AWESOME Invitations” – Aptera Attends Weapons for Mass Creation

Joe10 resized 600

I worked in a factory when I was younger. I hated it. The people I worked with were nice, and the pay was great, but it scared the hell out of me that everybody’s idea of a great employee was basically a robot. If I struggled, or messed up, or (god forbid) slowed down the line, I felt horrible. I just wanted to be a good employee and keep the wheel moving. Now that I have a few years of experience as a graphic designer, I understand that fear of failure may make you a better factory worker, but to grow as an artist you have to embrace struggle, fail often, and learn from every failure.

Technology Digest: Week ending 8/15/2014

Aptera Technology Digest
The Technology Digest is our weekly list of articles in the technology world that you should be reading about Microsoft, Content Marketing, Bing, Big Data, Windows 8, and more! 

Microsoft Plans to Abandon Old Versions of Internet Explorer - Tired of having to design to out-of-date versions of Internet Explorer? Microsoft's working to take care of that problem for you.

Content Marketing, Buyer Personas and Why I'm Not Writing About Kimye


If we’re being honest here, I don’t want to write about technology. Put me in a room with a laptop, give me time and no restrictions, and you’re going to wind up with some pretty involved theories about which independent pro wrestlers should be signed by WWE, whether or not Sony needs to release more AAA titles for the PS4, and how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are the heroes this country needs. Those are the things I want to write about – and that’s why buyer personas are so important.

Microsoft Plans to Abandon Old Versions of Internet Explorer

rip IE 8

For years, web developers have been pulling their hair out trying to create cutting-edge designs for modern browsers while also making them function in ancient software like Internet Explorer 8. Those designers got a little help from Microsoft last week when they announced a deadline for support of any version of IE before the current IE 11.

Sitefinity Multisite Management and Microsoft Azure Autoscaling: A Case Study

Azure Autoscaling

Mom Corps is a professional staffing, search, and career development firm whose website serves both employers and job seekers hoping to achieve what founder and CEO Allison O’Kelly calls “work-life satisfaction.” Many of these professionals are moms with valuable work experience and advanced skill sets looking for positions with flexible schedules, but the company welcomes any type of applicants, not just moms. The previous website was built on the Sitefinity content management system, so they wanted to find a tech partner specializing in Sitefinity to take on the redesign project.

O’Kelly explains that “our site hadn’t been redone in a few years, so it was just kind of dated—time for a refresh in general.” This was especially important because, as O’Kelly points out, “Our whole business is based on our website.” But Mom Corps also wanted the site to have something entirely new. “We were looking to add a big piece to our site which allowed our candidates to get training from us,” O’Kelly says. 

Technology Digest: Week ending 8/8/2014

Aptera Technology Digest

The Technology Digest is our weekly list of articles in the technology world that you should be reading about Microsoft, Content Marketing, OneDrive, Developer Tips, Viral Videos, Windows 8, and more! 

How Code Snippets Made Me Love Jasmine Again


It never fails...

You know what I'm talking about. The same monotonous lines of code that you've found yourself writing over and over. Sad to say, but you'll probably do it tomorrow, the next day, and the following day. Who does that?!? I mean, I haven't. Okay, maybe I have.

In particular, it feels like I have written thousands of "describe", "beforeEach", and "it" function blocks when writing Jasmine tests for JavaScript. No matter how many times I've written those blocks, every once in a while, I find myself struggling to remember the syntax or find myself waning off into the doldrums due to typing the same template code, repeatedly.

Apparently, You Can't Make Things Go Viral

Actually video kid

Before you read anything else, before you do anything else today, watch this video. We’ll wait.

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