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10 Must-Have Pinterest Boards for Home Builders

Nov 13, 2015 Social Media Kristen Baumert

10-Pinterest-Boards-for-Home-BuildersBeing on Pinterest is a must-do for any home builder. Pinterest is a place where people go to build boards that hold all of their creative ideas, hopes, and dreams. These boards include, but are not limited to, dream homes, vacation homes, lake cottages, a cabin in the woods, beach houses and future home renovations. As a home builder, putting your work on Pinterest is going to show off what your company can do in a visual manner.

Why would a company invest time in a Pinterest account?

  • Showing off a latest home build or customization.
  • What sets you apart from the competition.
  • Prove your worth through photos.
  • Pinterest allows someone to build a board of their dream home by pinning your photos.
  • Send clients to your Pinterest account for home ideas.
  • Boards with building options.
  • Pin blueprints of your home options.
  • Pin your blog articles.
  • Pin advanced content, such as e-books and whitepapers.
  • Invite other collaborators to pin on a board with you, like a partnership. 
  • Pin forms that your customers need in the building process.
  • Hold a contest.

Needless to say, the possiblilities are endless.

The next step is deciding what boards to create within your account.

A lot of research can be done to give you an insight on what online content you should pin and what category will give you the most visibility. There are certain categories that perform better within Pinterest, and using Keywords will help move your sharing along.  According to the Experian, female users are estimated to range from as low as 58 percent to a whopping 97 percent on the site, which could explain why Pinterest is overflowing with recipes, pretty photos and craft ideas. According to Pinterest data directory Repinly, 29.5 percent of the most popular pins come from the food and drink category; the category of DIY Crafts receives the next highest amount of pins, at 13.4 percent of total. 

Let's get started with the types of boards, then we'll discuss the top categories.


1. Lifestyle Board

This type of board really speaks to those consumers you want to target. Essentially, this is why it's important to know your buyer personas and what they are interested in the most. If you're still discovering your buyer personas, you can find out more information here. Good examples of what to pin in your lifestyle board are determined by what type of personas you have discovered that like your brand.  

2. Holiday Board(s)

Make sure when you're pinning to your holiday boards that you're giving home tips and tricks that are holiday-related. What are your consumers doing on holidays? Are they inviting their families over, making dinner, hanging decorations, etc? Also, you don't want to forget any holidays because these will be pinned all year long. You can put all your ideas on one board or you can break them into individual boards within those holidays--the latter would make them more organized. 

3. Featured Customers

Did you just complete a stellar home build? Invite your clients to share their masterpiece with others. This could be done with photos of the home and the building process, along with any customization that went into the home. Also, you can throw in some good DIY videos, blog posts, and the blueprint for that particular custom home.

4. Portfolio of Your Work

The greatest thing about Pinterest is the fact that it is a visual sharing platform. Consumers are more likely to pin and share pretty pictures. Pin your best work in your portfolio board and show off what your business can really build. Give consumers the opportunity to choose your work over others. Use this board to really brag about your accomplishments! This is a great place to share articles about your business, client testimonials, and any other positive PR your business has received.

5. Building Advice

Share tips with your consumers about what to do and what not to do when building a home. There is a lot of money that goes into building a home, so sharing cost-effective tips could be a pretty appealing pin. What are some common mistakes that happen during the home-building process? 

6. Employees Favorite Things

Who knows your business better than your employees? Invite them to share what they love about your company or brag about some custom builds that you were capable of putting together. Perhaps they want to share some tips on working with your brand or some resources that they feel will be helpful to consumers. Have a talk with your employees about the guidelines of representing your company board beforehand, but trust that they will be insightful contributors.  

7. HG TV or Other Popular TV Shows

Building reality shows are such a big hit these days. These shows also throw out some pretty creative building options that folks may want to add into their new homes. This could be a place where you share some of the things that your customers saw on TV and you actually built, or you can share ideas on what you can do for them that they may have seen on a popular show. 

8. Your Suppliers or Vendors

Show your partnerships some love. When you're planning with a client, there are probably some products that you recommend to them that you don't actually do yourself. Are there some plumbing, HVAC, roofing, siding, or any other companies that you like to recommend to your clients? Share some photos of their work or products and link them to their individual websites.

9. Inspirational Quotes

If you want content to spread like wildfire, inspirational quotes are where it's at.  These witty, inspiring, true-to-life quotes get shared more on any social media platform and give the opportunity to go viral. Take a beautiful photo of your work, put a great quote or some words of encouragement on it, and call it a day. You've just done great work. Then create a board where you keep all of these for others to pin as well.  

10. Community Board

Invite others to share on a collaborative board. The good thing about this is that you'll be able to tell what kind of custimization people want in their homes, what style of homes they are looking for, or get new home ideas. These boards could be great for any future planning your company wants to do and what options people want to see in the future. 

What Categories Work Best?

According to Phys Org, if your consumers are mostly male, try maximizing your pins in the categories of photography, art, design, and home decor. However, according to the Buffer blog, the top pinned category for both men and women is Food & Drink. A great way to add some of these pins could be in a lifestyle board. 



There is a science to the method of pinning, but once you start to get your base of good pins, they will continually be repinned and the success of those pins will grow even more. This means there will be even more traffic back to your website. The best part about pinning is that even if someone doesn't go directly to your site from a pin, there is a good chance they will go back to it when they are ready. If you have the opportunity to see the traffic from Pinterest back to your site through a CRM, such as Hubspot, you'll notice the amount of traffic to your site will eventually start to really grow. Happy pinning!

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