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Aptera's Women in Tech Hosts Hour of Code™ for Students in Fort Wayne

Feb 13, 2017 Aptera Kristen Baumert

Disney's Hour of Code presented by Aptera's WIT

Last week, Aptera's Women in Tech (WIT) group held an Hour of Code event for students ages 8-12. The event offered an introduction to the basics of coding with the help of Disney's® new movie, "Moana." Students were able to partner up with a friend to move the movie characters by watching video tutorials and then dragging the appropriate code into the workspace. 

What is Hour of Code™?

Students thriving at an Hour of Code

The Hour of Code™ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science and Education Week and
to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming. The event gives students one full hour of problem-solving, logic, and creativity by using basic coding. The tutorials are self-guided, which allows anyone the opportunity to try coding.

Both Parents and Students Enjoyed Hour of Code

Parents and students were interviewed at the event on why they chose Hour of Code and what it means to them. 

"I brought my son Greyson here to learn how to code because I think it's something important. He's playing video games and doing everything on the internet today and I thought why not show him how the things work and maybe something would wake up inside and make him want to research more and who knows, this might be something he can do later on in life." said Casey Mullins.

For some, it wasn't their first experience with coding.

"I love doing the hour of code, it's really fun, I do it at my house with Griffin [her 8-year-old brother]." said 10-year-old Leona Sandoz, daughter of Aptera's Quality Assurance Practice Lead Rob Sandoz.

"We do it at our school too and we have computer classes and we'll log into a site and do whatever program we want. As computer science progresses, it will get more advanced and it's good to kind of have the basics on how to use it." said 10-year-old Sarah Krabach.

Who Are Aptera's WIT?

Aptera's Women in Tech is a group of women who came together for three reasons: to grow professionally, to become leaders in their industry, and make a difference in the community. The group meets weekly to discuss initiatives and plan events. Hour of Code was the first event for the group.

WIT member, Ashley Stove came to the group with her idea to do an Hour of Code. "I knew that as a group, we were not only looking for ways to progress ourselves professionally, but also for ways to give back to the community. The resources that were provided along with the game, and the talent that we have within our group [marketing, project management, and coding expertise] made it all seem like a perfect fit for our first event."

Code.org and Disney® gave the WIT group the tools they needed to expand the knowledge of computer science to students in our area. Aptera itself, is a building full of digital marketing and technology experts who want to help in the growth of this industry as much as possible within the city of Fort Wayne.

"The prosperity of Fort Wayne in the future will be heavily dependent on the ability of our community to attract businesses and jobs in the technology industry. This starts with making sure the education of our children includes an understanding of technology and programming. The Hour of Code™ is a great way to encourage our youth to get started in programming.  We were pleased to host this event and were impressed with the large number of parents and children that attended." said Conrad Ehinger, CIO of Aptera. 

If you'd like to learn more about Aptera's WIT, follow us on Facebook. For more information on coding activities for children, click here. To sign up for the next event, click here.


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