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Aptera: Who Are We? A Results-Driven Digital Marketing & Technology Firm

Feb 10, 2017 Cloud Dennis Junk


Aptera is a Digital Marketing and Technology company focused on helping our clients connect with customers using the most effective methodologies, supported by the most advanced tools.

Results-Driven Digital Services:

  • Digital Marketing & Inbound Strategies
  • Agile Development Processes
  • Advanced IT Services

Aptera began in 2003 as a small software development company. Responding to the needs of our clients, and taking advantage of a deep pool of local talent, we soon added services like web design and business intelligence. As the company grew, we learned that the key to successful IT projects was to look beyond the technology itself and first consider the goals and strategies the tools would be designed to support.

Too many companies were coming to us saying they wanted to do something like move to the cloud or start marketing on LinkedIn—without first working out an understanding of how doing these things would benefit their business. The landscape of technology is vast and bewildering; even top business leaders sometimes fall prey to the appeal of the shiny and new.

So we learned the importance of setting goals first and creating strategies by working backward from those goals, while keeping an eye to how each department would be involved or impacted. We’ve found this holistic and results-driven approach to be by far the most effective in helping clients maximize their tech solutions’ impact on the bottom line. 

As we continued refining this results-driven approach over the years, we became increasingly consultative in our relationships with clients, going beyond one-off projects to help them navigate the dauntingly complicated and ever-changing world of business technology. All the while, we were bringing on experts in more specialties so we could provide the specific services our clients needed to succeed.



Marketing Consultants with a Deep Bench on the Technical Side

One of the most common struggles we see businesses facing is with their online marketing. Companies either have some marketing expertise that goes unsupported by their overstretched IT departments, or they have plenty of technical expertise but precious little marketing know-how.

Aptera provides the full range of services including:

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Business, Mobile, and Web App Development
  • Business Intelligence and Data Integration
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services

So we could take a client from web design and development through a lead-gen strategy based on blogging and social media, on to building customer-facing apps, and then to integrating data from an ERP or CRM system with marketing metrics to determine the ROI from ongoing campaigns. And we could host and support all the underlying technology on-site or in the cloud.


Some Examples of How We Help Clients Connect to Their Customers

Digital Marketing:

We recently did a lead-gen project for a manufacturer and distributor of pools and pool accessories, a $200 million company serving a network of dealers spanning the entire nation. We worked with them to develop and implement a content and social media marketing strategy that has resulted in a 35% year-over-year increase in leads while simultaneously reducing their expenditure on Pay-per-Click advertising. We’ve also helped this company develop a dealer marketing program to help members of the dealer network benefit from similar lead-gen strategies.


Web Design and Development:

We’re also doing a web project for one of the biggest healthcare networks in the country. The project began with the design and development for a main website and moved on to encompass over 60 local sub-sites. This work required ADA Compliance and included advanced security protocols. (We’re currently working with this same client to build a mobile app that helps people quickly connect with their doctors over their devices.)


Custom Application Development:

We’ve done multiple development projects for one of the largest manufacturers of steel building products in the nation. One of these projects involved creating a web configurator that helps builders design and price steel-frame structures. This type of customer-facing software is a main focus of ours because it has massive potential for improving our clients’ position relative to their competitors.

If you’re first to market with a tool like this configurator, you can effectively change the way people buy products like yours—and you can gain a lead on your competition that will be difficult for them to make up. 

Apps like the steel part configurator can also be built to work on mobile devices, incorporating elements of Augmented or Virtual Reality. We’ve created a mobile app for the same steel company that allows builders to view, find, and track the status of parts through a 3D rendering of the building under construction.


Business Intelligence and Data Integration:

Another challenge many of our clients face is pulling in data from multiple sources and integrating it in a way that aids decision-making. One of these clients, an international moving company, needed a better way to track the return on their investment in various marketing and sales initiatives, so Aptera built a solution that captures Google Analytics data and combines it with data from customer records within their ERP system. The data is accessible through various dashboards and visualization tools to provide greater insight to company leaders.


Cloud and Managed IT Services:

Many of our clients are looking to reduce the overhead cost of supporting their own technologies. Or they’re looking to free up their IT staffs from having to focus on maintenance, support, and security—so they can devote their attention instead to more strategic and forward-looking projects. 

We provide hosting and support for some clients’ applications in the cloud, including product configurators. For one particular client, a pump manufacturer serving contractors all over the globe, we manage an on-site environment of over 200 servers.

Our IT Managed Services include:

  • Hosting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Break/Fix
  • 24/7 Support


Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement, Our Own and Our Community’s

Technology never stands still, and we know there are always new things to learn. That’s why we’re glad to send our people off to programs like Scrum training and to events like CodeMash or the annual Inbound Conference hosted by HubSpot.

Our people also speak at events all over the country, including right here in Ft. Wayne, where, together with Ash Brokerage we recently hosted the DevCon conference. Keeping our eye to the next generation, we also host educational events for area children, like our recent Hour of Code.

If you’d like to learn more about Aptera or have specific questions about our offerings, check out our new website.


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