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A New Way For Buyers to Personalize Their Products

Jul 26, 2017 Laura Larkin

You think you’ve done everything right with your website strategy and your marketing efforts are aligned but the numbers aren’t growing the way you projected...
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How Car Companies Use Product Personalization with Online Configurators to Boost Sales

Jul 14, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

Learn how to take successful product configurators from the auto industry and make a configurator for your product more engaging than your competitors’.
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The 3 Things That Will Make Your Software Project

Jul 6, 2017 Jon Fazzaro

If there is anything on your team's to-do list that does not concern delivering value, responding to change, or building trust, kill it with fire.
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New Augmented Reality App Creates Unique Marketing Experience

Jun 30, 2017 Laura Larkin

While virtual reality apps and augmented reality aren’t new to the gaming world, these enhancements have been making headway in the marketing field in strides.
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Your Product Configurator Proof-of-Concept Engagement with Aptera

Jun 16, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

Aptera’s Marketing & Development Teams have developed this PoC engagement to help you get an idea of how a configuration tool would work for your company.
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Messenger’s Design App and the Power of Configurators: Aptera Case Study

Jun 9, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

The funeral stationery company Messenger came to Aptera looking to build a web application client companies could use to create designs using their products.
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Software Rockstars? Really?

Jun 2, 2017 Eric Potter

Do you really want your software developers to be rock stars? What's with that term?
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Personalizing Your Customers’ Web Experience with the Sitefinity DEC: Upcoming Webinar by Aptera

May 3, 2017 Dennis Junk

Join our Free webinar and you can increase conversion rates on your website by as much as 70% with personalization tactics tailored to a specific visitors.
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Advanced Strategies for Website Personalization: Aptera & Sitefinity Webinar

Apr 18, 2017 Dennis Junk

Sign up for Aptera's webinar getting down to the details of how to personalize web experiences using advanced CMS tools.
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The Race to Master Agile Marketing: Is It Even Worth Joining?

Mar 24, 2017 digital marketing Dennis Junk

You're probably hearing a lot about Agile Marketing lately. Well, we've tried it. Here's an in-depth look at what works and what doesn't--and what that means.
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What Experienced Scrum Teams Wish They'd Known about User Stories from the Start

Mar 17, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

Turning User Stories into Acceptance Criteria can get tricky fast, even if you're following the scrum framework to a T. Here are some tips that will help.
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Customer Review Workflows Lead to Positive Outcomes for Businesses

Mar 7, 2017 Kristen Baumert

Online Customer Reviews have become important to buying decisions. Here is one way to get more positive reviews and take care of the bad ones at the same time.
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Nintex and the Workflow Automation Sweet Spot: Tech Club Podcast

May 10, 2016 Dennis Junk

For the Tech Club Podcast this week, we interview Senior Consultant Scott Walsh about Nintex and workflow automation.
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4 Ways a Managed Service Provider Protects Your Network

Mar 31, 2016 Aaron Eisberg

Most businesses can hand network monitoring over to a managed service provider that is trained and informed in the latest threats that are out there.
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7 Questions to Ask a Potential Managed Services Partner

Mar 29, 2016 Dave Hall

Here are the questions that will get you the information you need to know before choosing an MSP.
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How to Determine ROI for Workflow Automation: New E-book

Mar 25, 2016 SharePoint Dennis Junk

Our new e-book walks you step-by-step through calculating the figures to plug into an ROI formula for a process automation tool like Nintex.
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How Managed Services Can Complement Your Cloud Strategy

Mar 23, 2016 Cloud Dave Hall

You don't have to be in the cloud to use managed services. But there are some really good ways to use them together.
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4 Arguments for Outsourcing Department Functions

Mar 16, 2016 Susan Payton

The fact is, outsourcing certain functions has tremendous benefits to an organization.
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When Managed IT Services Are a Good Idea--and When They're Not

Mar 14, 2016 Aaron Eisberg

In what circumstances might you consider partnering with an MSP? It depends on what your goals are for Managed Services.
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What Happens to Your Current IT Staff when You Sign up for Managed Services?

Mar 11, 2016 Dennis Junk

15 years ago, Managed Services and IT Outsourcing meant layoffs and tech support from guys with thick accents. They mean something quite different today.
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What Are the Different Levels of Managed Services?

Feb 25, 2016 Dave Hall

Managed services can take over some of the mundane tasks like user support, which takes up a lot of IT's time and energy.
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How Well Do You Know Your Infrastructure?

Feb 18, 2016 Cloud Dave Hall

Is your business at risk of a hardware failure or security breach? Answering these questions will help you see how safe your infrastructure really is.
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What Is Managed Services?

Feb 17, 2016 Dave Hall

Managed Services is basically hiring an outside firm to proactively monitor your IT environment. But there's more to it than that.
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What's New with Nintex?

Feb 12, 2016 SharePoint Grant Harmeyer

Forrester found that the average ROI for Nintex after 3 years is 176%. It works so well Microsoft is phasing out InfoPath. Here's how it's getting better.
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Incorporating Technical Analysis into Business Planning for Nintex Workflow Projects

Feb 9, 2016 Scott Walsh

Scott Walsh walks us through a planning process developed over several Nintex workflow projects to balance technical with business aspects.
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What Is Bimodal IT and What Does It Actually Look like in Practice?

Feb 5, 2016 Cloud Dennis Junk

The cloud is decentralizing business IT, and proliferating tasks makes it harder to focus on innovating. Do you outsource or split your IT in two?
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How to Use IT Outsourcing and Managed Services Strategically

Jan 28, 2016 Dennis Junk

How can you keep your competitive edge through ongoing technical innovation after you've turned your IT over to a Managed Services Provider?
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The 5 Places Dangers May Be Lurking in Your Business IT

Jan 25, 2016 Dennis Junk

Some businesses hire Managed Services Providers to monitor their network and infrastructure. For everyone else, here's what you should keep an eye on.
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Why IT Outsourcing and Managed Services Are Suddenly All the Rage

Jan 12, 2016 Dennis Junk

Augmenting IT staff with Managed Services Providers has rapidly gained in popularity. What's behind the change?
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3 Reasons Cloud Migrations Fail

Nov 9, 2015 Cloud Dennis Junk

Somewhere between the horror stories and the hype is the reality--your cloud migration's success depends on how well you plan.
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Enterprise Mobility Suite: A Stepping-Stone into the Microsoft Cloud

Nov 5, 2015 Dennis Junk

With its Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft is hoping to make BYOD easier to manage and secure--so they can get everyone on Office 365.
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Sitefinity Demos: WYSIWYG Content Management

Oct 21, 2015 Dennis Junk

Just learning Sitefinity? Looking to brush up on your skills for editing in the CMS? This video demo on WYSIWYG is a good place to start.
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5 Reasons Inbound Marketing Works for Any Business Niche

Oct 16, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

No matter what you're selling, Inbound Marketing has distinguished itself to raise ROI 50% and costs a business around 30% less. Find out how!
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Demers vs Fishkin: Do Inbound Marketers Need to Know Technical SEO?

Oct 1, 2015 Dennis Junk

The Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom says you don't need to know tech stuff to do SEO. But Moz's Rand Fishkin begs to differ.
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Social Media Content Calendar Cheat Sheet

Sep 22, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

Want to quickly fill a calendar with content for your brand? Here are some social media tips you can actually use.
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How to Easily Make a Social Media Content Calendar

Sep 9, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

Creating a social media content calendar doesn't have to be complex. Organize your content and center it around your campaign with these tips.
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How to Get the Least Value from Your SharePoint Partner

Aug 27, 2015 Dennis Junk

You need to have a close working relationship with your SharePoint experts to get the best ROI. But how can you trust them?
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5 Roles Paid Search Could Play in Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Aug 19, 2015 Aaron Eisberg

It may seem like no one ever clicks on sponsored links. But paid search really does work, and here's how it can boost your Inbound Marketing.
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The 3 Most Critical Pieces of a SharePoint User Adoption Plan

Aug 17, 2015 Dennis Junk

We've put together in-depth descriptions of how to improve SharePoint user adoption. Here we distill it all into 3 main focus areas.
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Facebook Throws A Curve Ball To Periscope Users With Mentions

Aug 14, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

Marketers get yourself ready for live video streaming! If you're already using Twitter's Periscope, take a look at Facebook's new "Mentions."
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Aptera Cracks the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies

Aug 13, 2015 Dennis Junk

Now we can officially say Aptera is one of best performing companies in America in terms of growth.
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Do you BOOST?  Facebook Ads 101

Aug 5, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

How are you reaching more people through Facebook? By boosting ads, your posts will show up higher in your audience's News Feed.
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Who Cares About Social Media?  Your Business Should!

Jul 30, 2015 Kristen Baumert

More followers, likes, and shares on social media give businesses the chance to grow larger, be better at customer service, and rank higher with SEO.
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Getting Your Arms around a Cost Plan for SharePoint

Jul 29, 2015 Grant Harmeyer

You need to examine a few key factors before coming up with a SharePoint cost plan. An often overlooked one is license enforcement.
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Why SEO isn't enough

Jul 27, 2015 digital marketing Brandon Smits

More businesses than I can count have said to me, “We really need to improve our SEO,” I’ve found that this is seldom what the real problem is.
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How to Use Structured Data and Rich Snippets to Target Buyer Personas

Jul 23, 2015 Dennis Junk

Schema.org can help you reach your business's buyer personas. But first you have to know about structured data.
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The Meat & Potatoes of Twitter Advertising

Jul 22, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

Advertising is all over social media and Twitter is no exception. Know your buyer personas and get results from those ads.
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Are Traditional Sales from the Dark Ages? 10 Ways to Attract Millennials

Jul 20, 2015 Alyssa Lopez

Millennials are the most coveted demographic for marketers. Inbound marketing was practically designed specifically for them.
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5 Ways To Combat The New Facebook Algorithms For Your Business

Jul 16, 2015 digital marketing Kristen Baumert

Facebook Algorithms have changed, here are ways to combat the changes within your business account.
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How Digital Asset Management Software Drives the Entertainment Industry

May 8, 2015 Rich Zuris

How do businesses in the entertainment industry store, secure, and share multimedia files? Increasingly, it's with Digital Asset Management software.
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Nintex Announces New Features to Workflow and Mobile Form Tools

May 6, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

You have to see how easy Nintex makes it to create workflows and mobile forms to believe it. And now Nintex is adding even more features.
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Does SharePoint Have a Future?

Apr 1, 2015 SharePoint Scott Walsh

Is anyone building on-premises SharePoint solutions these days? Will they be doing it in ten years?
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Is Corporate Intranet Dead?

Mar 24, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

How much longer will companies still be setting up portals to document caches on platforms like SharePoint?
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2 Secret Behind-the-Scenes Tricks to Get Everybody Using SharePoint

Mar 4, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

Interfaces on the front-end of SharePoint are beginning to look familiar. What's going on? And how can you use it to improve user adoption?
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How Nintex Simplifies SharePoint Workflows

Mar 3, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

Good SharePoint workflows can really improve the efficiency of business processes. But building them isn't exactly fun. Nintex is designed to help.
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Why Do Some Companies Use SharePoint To Build Their Websites?

Jan 22, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

Microsoft will no longer be supporting SharePoint websites in the cloud. But why do businesses use SharePoint as a CMS anyway?
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What Are Some Alternatives to SharePoint?

Jan 5, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

SharePoint is a great all-around collaboration tool. But if you want to take a more piecemeal approach you may want to look into some other options.
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3 Trends CIOs Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2015

Nov 11, 2014 Cloud Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Here's what Gartner thinks IT professionals need to be keeping an eye on. Hint: it's lots of mobile, cloud, and business intelligence stuff.
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Key Considerations in Mobilizing Business Data: Free White Paper

Nov 5, 2014 Dennis Junk

A brief introduction to some of the challenges involved in going mobile with your business data and some of the ways you can address them.
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Switching from Waterfall to Scrum Midstream

Nov 3, 2014 custom software Eric Potter

There are lots of ways to approach custom software development, but what happens when you need to shift methods mainstream? Here's how we handled it.
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What Are the Benefits of Master Data Management?

Oct 29, 2014 Business Intelligence Jeremy Duddy

Master Data Management is a Business Intelligence tool that provides a central repository of critical data. But how does that benefit you?
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JavaScript Performance Coding Driven by Engine Optimizations

Oct 27, 2014 David Aschliman

But when it comes to achieving the best JavaScript performance, knowing what the compiler is looking for makes all the difference.
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Why Clean Code Is Crucial in Scrum Software Development

Oct 23, 2014 custom software Dennis Junk

The key to successful custom software projects is breaking complex challenges into smaller, more manageable pieces. But will the pieces fit together?
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What's Most Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software?

Oct 22, 2014 custom software Dennis Junk

What distinguishes Quality Assurance from Software Testing in custom projects?
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Xim, Microsoft’s New Photo Sharing Service, Now Available Everywhere

Oct 21, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Xim, Microsoft's new photo sharing service is more than just new tech. It's a new direction for the company.
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3 Qualities to Look for in Quality Assurance Practices

Oct 21, 2014 custom software Matt Noggle

What questions should you ask about Quality Assurance before choosing a custom software partner?
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"Theirs but to Do and Die": Why a Lack of Communication Will Lead to a Software Development Disaster

Oct 20, 2014 custom software Eric Potter

"The Charge of the Light Brigade" tells of a group of doomed soldiers, heading for their death. Here's how your software team can avoid the same fate.
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What Is KidoZen?

Oct 16, 2014 Dennis Junk

A lot goes on behind the scenes of the mobile apps you love. KidoZen handles the back end to help businesses focus on users' experiences.
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Snowden E-mails Reveal He's The James Bond of The Internet Generation

Oct 14, 2014 custom software Alex Jonathan Brown

A new documentary is coming out about Edward Snowden. Turns out he had to do some crazy James Bond stuff to get into all that trouble.
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SSIS and Excel - Let's All Play Nice Now

Oct 13, 2014 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

The words SSIS and Excel might strike fear in your heart, but they shouldn't. Here's how to make it all work smoothly.
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Do Agile Projects for Custom Software Cost More?

Oct 7, 2014 custom software Dennis Junk

If applied correctly, agile methodologies like Scrum can actually reduce the cost of custom software development projects. Here's how.
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom Software?

Oct 3, 2014 custom software Dennis Junk

You have the choice to use pre-made software or build something custom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom application development?
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The Monolith: Mad Men, Business Intelligence and Your Marketing Team

Oct 3, 2014 Business Intelligence Alex Jonathan Brown

Crane wants a computer. Ginsberg's scared of it. Who does your company follow after and what could you be missing?
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Our New Power BI E-Book

Oct 3, 2014 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

We've put together answers to some of the most common questions about Power BI to help you make an informed decision.
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Ridiculous Roller Coasters and Seamless Custom Software Experiences

Sep 29, 2014 custom software Alex Jonathan Brown

What does a roller coaster called Montazooma's Revenge have in common with disjointed custom software experiences?
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BI, Power BI, Reports, and Analytics: Here’s What You Need to Know

Feb 13, 2014 Dennis Junk

Business Intelligence is about more than reports and analytics. With Power BI, just about anyone can turn raw data and into meaningful insights.
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How Easy Is a BizTalk Implementation? An 837P Healthcare Claim Walkthrough

Jan 29, 2014 Richard Spice

Richard walks us through a BizTalk adaptation of a common healthcare form to demonstrate how intuitive the platform is to use.
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Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Microsoft BizTalk is Here to Stay

Oct 9, 2013 Richard Spice

I’m happy to report that the rumors of us BizTalk developers’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. With the release of BizTalk Server 2013 back in April, Microsoft might have been hoping to lay to rest rumors of its premier integration platform’s imminent obsolescence.
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What is Microsoft BizTalk? A Simple, Straightforward, and Jargon-Free Answer

Sep 18, 2013 Aaron Crouch

How much time do you or your employees spend filling out forms, or transferring information from one location to another? How much time do you spend dealing with obstacles to communication in your supply chain, or between your business’s different locations? BizTalk can work in so many business contexts that we can’t even begin to touch on all of them in a brief post.
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To Match Information from Multiple Forms, Dunavant Chooses BizTalk

Sep 16, 2013 Dennis Junk

Dunavant Global Logistics came to Aptera for help integrating information flowing between several disparate components of their worldwide route managing network. See how BizTalk was able to help them match information from multiple forms.
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