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Latest Articles

Software Innovation Through Experimentation

Oct 26, 2017 Custom Software Eric Potter

How do we innovate software development ahead of the best practices? The answer is to run experiments. Experiments are how we learn.
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Nucor’s eQuote Building Configurator Case Study

Oct 12, 2017 Custom Software Dennis Junk

The new configurator, known as eQuote, gives members of Nucor’s builder network access to the tools they need to design and purchase buildings.
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How to Set Up Google Analytics Host Name Filters and Segments

Sep 18, 2017 Digital Marketing Steven Dilmore - Business Analyst, Aptera

Experiencing Incorrect or Invalid Data in Google Analytics? Filters and Segments and the first step to sorting out the trash.
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Salmon Ladder Development Is Not The Way To Do Agile.

Sep 14, 2017 Custom Software Eric Potter

Salmon Ladder Development seems liberating at first but you soon realize you are constantly trying to figure out what to code and you'll get attacked by a bear.
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Announcing Aptera’s Upcoming Automated Testing Event

Aug 31, 2017 Dennis Junk

Aptera is hosting an event on Sept 28th in Indianapolis that will walk guests through the steps it will take to get up and running with Automated Testing.
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Franklin Electric Business Intelligence Infrastructure Overhaul: Aptera Case Study

Aug 22, 2017 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Franklin Electric partners with Aptera to have their entire BI infrastructure rebuilt from the ground up for improved forecasting and greater versatility.
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Making Value Decisions with an Agile Mindset

Aug 11, 2017 Custom Software Matt Noggle

Part one of the three part series discussing the value stage of agile principles.
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What’s the Difference between Product Configurators and CPQ Software?

Aug 2, 2017 Custom Software Dennis Junk

If you need to boost engagement, differentiate products from your competitors, or provide a better purchasing experience, you’re looking for a configurator.
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A New Way For Buyers to Personalize Their Products

Jul 26, 2017 Laura Larkin

You think you’ve done everything right with your website strategy and your marketing efforts are aligned but the numbers aren’t growing the way you projected...
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How Car Companies Use Product Personalization with Online Configurators to Boost Sales

Jul 14, 2017 Custom Software Dennis Junk

Learn how to take successful product configurators from the auto industry and make a configurator for your product more engaging than your competitors’.
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The 3 Things That Will Make Your Software Project

Jul 6, 2017 Custom Software Jon Fazzaro

If there is anything on your team's to-do list that does not concern delivering value, responding to change, or building trust, kill it with fire.
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New Augmented Reality App Creates Unique Marketing Experience

Jun 30, 2017 Laura Larkin

While virtual reality apps and augmented reality aren’t new to the gaming world, these enhancements have been making headway in the marketing field in strides.
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The ROI of Not Doing Inbound Marketing

Sep 11, 2014 Ron Mattocks

Everyone wants to know the ROI of your new initiative. Let's take a look at your ROI if you don't start inbound marketing.
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Sitefinity Multisite Management and Microsoft Azure Autoscaling: A Case Study

Aug 11, 2014 Dennis Junk

Mom Corps needed a way to manage all their franchise sites and handle spikes in traffic. Aptera used Sitefinity and Azure to provide the solution.
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Microsoft Azure Autoscales Sitefinity Multisite: Infographic Case Study

Jul 25, 2014 Dennis Junk

An infographic on how we integrated Sitefinity Multisite Management with Microsoft Azure to build an autoscaling multisite.
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What’s the Difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

Jul 24, 2014 Dennis Junk

OneDrive began as cloud storage, but now it has a lot of collaboration tools. Has OneDrive started to move into SharePoint's territory?
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How to Create Links to Publish OneDrive Files for Anyone

Mar 5, 2014 Dennis Junk

You can make files in your cloud storage folders available to anyone you want--or you can make them available to everyone.
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Can You Use Azure to Transfer and Process Industry-Standard Forms?

Feb 26, 2014 Dennis Junk

Azure now includes BizTalk Services, which makes setting up application integration platforms for adapting EDIs take minutes instead of weeks.
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BI, Power BI, Reports, and Analytics: Here’s What You Need to Know

Feb 13, 2014 Dennis Junk

Business Intelligence is about more than reports and analytics. With Power BI, just about anyone can turn raw data and into meaningful insights.
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How Easy Is a BizTalk Implementation? An 837P Healthcare Claim Walkthrough

Jan 29, 2014 Business Intelligence Richard Spice

Richard walks us through a BizTalk adaptation of a common healthcare form to demonstrate how intuitive the platform is to use.
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4 Ways to Avoid 3 O’clock Office Fatigue

Jan 15, 2014 Digital Marketing Dennis Junk

Is there a point in the day when you always catch yourself fantasizing about a nap? Here are some hints for staying energized throughout the day.
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What is Microsoft System Center? A Simple, Straightforward, and Jargon-Free Answer

Dec 30, 2013 Dennis Junk

As devices and apps become more numerous and diverse, System Center gives your IT staff a unified window onto all aspects of your infrastructure.
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Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Microsoft BizTalk is Here to Stay

Oct 9, 2013 Business Intelligence Richard Spice

I’m happy to report that the rumors of us BizTalk developers’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. With the release of BizTalk Server 2013 back in April, Microsoft might have been hoping to lay to rest rumors of its premier integration platform’s imminent obsolescence.
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What is Microsoft BizTalk? A Simple, Straightforward, and Jargon-Free Answer

Sep 18, 2013 Business Intelligence Aaron Crouch

How much time do you or your employees spend filling out forms, or transferring information from one location to another? How much time do you spend dealing with obstacles to communication in your supply chain, or between your business’s different locations? BizTalk can work in so many business contexts that we can’t even begin to touch on all of them in a brief post.
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To Match Information from Multiple Forms, Dunavant Chooses BizTalk

Sep 16, 2013 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Dunavant Global Logistics came to Aptera for help integrating information flowing between several disparate components of their worldwide route managing network. See how BizTalk was able to help them match information from multiple forms.
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What Does SharePoint Cost?

Jul 29, 2013 Grant Harmeyer

Whenever we discuss SharePoint, it’s never long before the cost question comes up. The problem is that asking how much SharePoint costs is a bit like asking what a new house costs. So how do you figure how much SharePoint actually costs?
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What is Microsoft SharePoint Used For?

Jul 15, 2013 Dennis Junk

Over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, but they’re not all using it for the same things. What is SharePoint really used for?
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The Best Thing about SharePoint 2013: An Architect's Perspective

Mar 18, 2013 Scott Walsh

Get a taste of the SharePoint geek perspective on why site segregation gave us headaches and learn what the new solutions will mean for you and your business.
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