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Business Intelligence

Because Business Intelligence never stands still

Digital Marketing, the Next Frontier for Business Intelligence: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 6, 2016 Big Data Dennis Junk

An interview with Aptera's Business Intelligence Practice Leader Aaron Crouch about how BI has transformed over time and how it's now being used by marketers.
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How Business Intelligence Is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

May 4, 2016 Business Intelligence Aaron Crouch

Analytics and Reporting tools can deliver answers to questions you never considered asking.
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Why Bigger Data Isn't as Important as Better Data

May 2, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

If you put bad data into good analytical tools, you'll never wind up with reliable results.
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Manufacturing Business Intelligence Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Apr 27, 2016 Business Intelligence Aaron Crouch

Here are the ways that business intelligence analytics will shake up manufacturing from 2016 through the end of the decade.
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The 5 Main Reasons Reporting and Analytics Projects Go Wrong

Apr 26, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Can you get everything data analytics promise? Only if you avoid these Big Data and Business Intelligence pitfalls.
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3 Ways Businesses Are Using Big Data to Improve Their Marketing

Apr 15, 2016 Marketing Aaron Eisberg

Big data isn't easy to master, and it takes a little time to get your analytics fine-tuned to produce a strong ROI.
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Common Arguments Against Big Data

Apr 11, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Big Data ain't for everybody--but that doesn't mean you can safely ignore it.
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The Top 5 Big Data Analytics Challenges Facing Big Business

Apr 7, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Big data analytics holds so much promise, nearly every company wants to own the technology. But here are some things to consider first.
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5 Business Intelligence Mistakes that Are Hurting Your Manufacturing Company

Mar 18, 2016 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Manufacturers are finally starting to see the value of Business Intelligence. But why did it take them so long?
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How Forward-Thinking Businesses Deal with Data Integration

Oct 30, 2015 Data Integration Dennis Junk

Is Data Integration something you take on separately for each project? You may be setting yourself up for trouble down the road.
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How Retail Businesses Are Using Business Intelligence

Oct 27, 2015 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Want to get a good sense of what Analytics and Reporting technology can do for your sales? Check out how these retail companies are using BI.
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How Businesses Are Using BizTalk and Other Integration Technologies

Oct 15, 2015 BizTalk Dennis Junk

Data integration is a pretty abstract category. Here are some concrete ways real businesses are using tools like BizTalk.
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Big Data vs Traditional Approaches to Enterprise Reporting

Sep 18, 2015 Big Data Dennis Junk

Big Data is all the rage. But how are businesses incorporating it into their overall Business Intelligence strategies?
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Exchanging Healthcare Claims Digitally with Data Integration Tools

Aug 28, 2015 BizTalk Dennis Junk

Data Integration tools like Cloverleaf and BizTalk make nearly any information transfer much simplier, including healthcare claims.
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Power BI, Tableau, and the Shift to Self-Service Business Intelligence

Aug 12, 2015 Dennis Junk

Do tools like Power BI and Tableau really let you do Business Intelligence without any help from IT?
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Why the Market for Data Integration Tools Is Exploding Right Now

Jul 31, 2015 BizTalk Dennis Junk

Data Integration Tools like BizTalk connect disparate parts of networks, adapt forms like EDIs, and set the stage for reliable Business Intelligence.
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The New Power BI and How It’s Different from the Old Power BI

Jul 14, 2015 Power BI Dennis Junk

Microsoft has announced the new Power BI will be released on July 24th. What do the updates mean for you?
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Why the Current Obsession with Big Data?

Jul 2, 2015 Big Data Aaron Crouch

You hear about Big Data everywhere you go. But are any business actually using it successfully?
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Power BI Can Now Pull Data from Google Analytics

May 12, 2015 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

The most recent updates to Power BI include a connector to Google Analytics. What does this mean for digital marketers?
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Can You Dispense with Documentation on BI and Dev Projects?

Apr 20, 2015 Project Management Kerry Tyler

Looking to cut something from your Business Intelligence project plan? Dropping documentation won't save you as much time and effort as you think.
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Business Intelligence vs Analytics vs Big Data vs Data Mining

Apr 15, 2015 Big Data Dennis Junk

Business Intelligence is data-driven decision-making. So what is analytics? How does it relate to Big Data? Let's break it down.
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Athena vs. Hercules: Seeing Beyond Preconceptions for Women in Tech

Apr 3, 2015 Tech Careers Jami Delagrange

Part of the reason there are so few women in leadership and tech positions is that we're just not used to seeing them there.
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What’s the Difference between CPM and BI?

Mar 27, 2015 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Financial leaders are moving beyond the realm of CPM and starting to get their hands in Business Intelligence. But how are CPM and BI different?
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The Difference between Big Data and Big Hype

Mar 10, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

Does the reality of the Big Data movement really live up to the fanfare, and maybe more importantly, is it worth the money?
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Why is Everyone Obsessed with Big Data?

Mar 2, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

People won't stop talking about Big Data, but there's more to the phenomenon than just hype.
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The CIO and CMO Perspective on Big Data

Feb 5, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

Everyone's buzzing about Big Data, but what does it mean for your specific role? Here's a look at Big Data from the CIO and CMO's viewpoint.
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Athena vs Hercules: Inspire Cultural Change for Women in Tech

Jan 28, 2015 Tech Careers Jami Delagrange

The struggle for equality for women in tech careers has been going on for decades. What more can we do today? It turns out, a lot.
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The Data Tsunami is Coming. Is Your Company Ready?

Jan 20, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

As the Internet of Things grows, there's a lot of data coming your company's way. Here are the three things you need to handle it all.
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Can You Use Power BI with an On-Premises SharePoint Environment?

Jan 15, 2015 Power BI Dennis Junk

The path to the cloud is getting smoother all the time. You can now use Office 365 tools like Power BI even if your data's not in the cloud.
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When Should You Start Thinking about an Integration Strategy?

Jan 12, 2015 Cloud Richard Spice

Business Data can have multiple sources and multiple destinations. But sometimes you have to bring it all together for an effective BI solution.
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Get Your BI Basics with Aptera 101: Business Intelligence

Jan 9, 2015 Business Insights Alex Jonathan Brown

Tired of hearing the phrase Business Intelligence and not knowing what it means? Get up to speed with Aptera 101: Business Intelligence!
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The Future of Big Data (And Everything Else)

Jan 8, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

Every year we say it's the "year of Big Data." Here's a look at where the technology is going - no matter what the calendar says.
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Microsoft's Business Predictions for 2015 Focus on Data Growth and BI

Dec 23, 2014 Alex Jonathan Brown

What's the future for 2015? Microsoft has some ideas and it's shaping up to be a big year for big data and BI.
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Governance and Master Data Management

Dec 22, 2014 Business Intelligence Jeremy Duddy

Behind the technology, people and processes have to be aligned to make Master Data Management solutions effective Business Intelligence tools.
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Spoiler Alert? Bing Predicts the Super Bowl, Grammys and More

Dec 19, 2014 Business Intelligence Alex Jonathan Brown

Want a glimpse into the future? Microsoft's put Bing to work and here's who is going to win the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and more in 2015.
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Big Data, Hadoop, and HDInsight

Dec 17, 2014 Azure Jen Booth

BI Developer Travis Teeple explains some of the common misconceptions about Big Data before going on to cover some of the basics of Hadoop and HDInsight, including the three Vs.
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The Best vs the Buzziest Business Intelligence Tools

Dec 3, 2014 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Big Data is great for a lot of things, but is it good for everything?
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Athena vs Hercules: A Heroic Guide for Women in Tech Careers

Dec 2, 2014 Tech Careers Jami Delagrange

The male hero gets all the press, but his goddess protector has a lot to say about what it takes to persevere when the odds are stacked against you.
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What Are the Benefits of Master Data Management?

Oct 29, 2014 Business Intelligence Jeremy Duddy

Master Data Management is a Business Intelligence tool that provides a central repository of critical data. But how does that benefit you?
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SSIS and Excel - Let's All Play Nice Now

Oct 13, 2014 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

The words SSIS and Excel might strike fear in your heart, but they shouldn't. Here's how to make it all work smoothly.
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The Corner View: Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Not-So-Big Businesses

Oct 3, 2014 The Corner View Jen Booth

In this Corner View, TK discusses Business Intelligence with Aptera's Aaron Crouch. Aaron talks about what BI strategies consist of and how new technologies like Big Data are affecting how businesses use info.
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The Monolith: Mad Men, Business Intelligence and Your Marketing Team

Oct 3, 2014 Marketing Alex Jonathan Brown

Crane wants a computer. Ginsberg's scared of it. Who does your company follow after and what could you be missing?
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Our New Power BI E-Book

Oct 3, 2014 Microsoft Dennis Junk

We've put together answers to some of the most common questions about Power BI to help you make an informed decision.
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom Software?

Oct 1, 2014 Software Dennis Junk

You have the choice to use pre-made software or build something custom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom application development?
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How Much Does Power BI Really Cost?

May 28, 2014 Office 365 Dennis Junk

Even if the highest end Office 365 bundle is out of your price range, you can still get access to some Power BI tools through other plans.
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Shakespeare vs Wu-Tang: Big Data and the Dangers of Overinterpretation

May 5, 2014 Power BI Dennis Junk

With Big Data, it's tempting to treat metrics as if they told the whole story. But you'll want to consider the context before you make a decision.
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Big Data: Big Hype, Utopian Promise, or Impending Hackocalypse?

Apr 2, 2014 Cloud Dennis Junk

Big Data's got some excited and others scared. Here are 3 things to consider before integrating Big Data into your Business Intelligence strategy.
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Big Data, Bioinformatics, and Blurring the Human-Robot Battle Lines

Mar 12, 2014 Cloud Dennis Junk

The cloud, Big Data, wearable devices, smart machines--should we humans be worried?
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BI, Power BI, Reports, and Analytics: Here’s What You Need to Know

Feb 13, 2014 Office 365 Dennis Junk

Business Intelligence is about more than reports and analytics. With Power BI, just about anyone can turn raw data and into meaningful insights.
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How Easy Is a BizTalk Implementation? An 837P Healthcare Claim Walkthrough

Jan 29, 2014 BizTalk Richard Spice

Richard walks us through a BizTalk adaptation of a common healthcare form to demonstrate how intuitive the platform is to use.
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Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Microsoft BizTalk is Here to Stay

Oct 9, 2013 Richard Spice

I’m happy to report that the rumors of us BizTalk developers’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. With the release of BizTalk Server 2013 back in April, Microsoft might have been hoping to lay to rest rumors of its premier integration platform’s imminent obsolescence.
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What is Microsoft BizTalk? A Simple, Straightforward, and Jargon-Free Answer

Sep 18, 2013 BizTalk Aaron Crouch

How much time do you or your employees spend filling out forms, or transferring information from one location to another? How much time do you spend dealing with obstacles to communication in your supply chain, or between your business’s different locations? BizTalk can work in so many business contexts that we can’t even begin to touch on all of them in a brief post.
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To Match Information from Multiple Forms, Dunavant Chooses BizTalk

Sep 16, 2013 BizTalk Dennis Junk

Dunavant Global Logistics came to Aptera for help integrating information flowing between several disparate components of their worldwide route managing network. See how BizTalk was able to help them match information from multiple forms.
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