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Business Intelligence

Because Business Intelligence never stands still

Digital Marketing, the Next Frontier for Business Intelligence: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 6, 2016 Big Data Dennis Junk

An interview with Aptera's Business Intelligence Practice Leader Aaron Crouch about how BI has transformed over time and how it's now being used by marketers.
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Why Bigger Data Isn't as Important as Better Data

May 2, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

If you put bad data into good analytical tools, you'll never wind up with reliable results.
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The 5 Main Reasons Reporting and Analytics Projects Go Wrong

Apr 26, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Can you get everything data analytics promise? Only if you avoid these Big Data and Business Intelligence pitfalls.
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3 Ways Businesses Are Using Big Data to Improve Their Marketing

Apr 15, 2016 Marketing Aaron Eisberg

Big data isn't easy to master, and it takes a little time to get your analytics fine-tuned to produce a strong ROI.
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Common Arguments Against Big Data

Apr 11, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Big Data ain't for everybody--but that doesn't mean you can safely ignore it.
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The Top 5 Big Data Analytics Challenges Facing Big Business

Apr 7, 2016 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Big data analytics holds so much promise, nearly every company wants to own the technology. But here are some things to consider first.
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Big Data vs Traditional Approaches to Enterprise Reporting

Sep 18, 2015 Big Data Dennis Junk

Big Data is all the rage. But how are businesses incorporating it into their overall Business Intelligence strategies?
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Why the Current Obsession with Big Data?

Jul 2, 2015 Big Data Aaron Crouch

You hear about Big Data everywhere you go. But are any business actually using it successfully?
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Business Intelligence vs Analytics vs Big Data vs Data Mining

Apr 15, 2015 Big Data Dennis Junk

Business Intelligence is data-driven decision-making. So what is analytics? How does it relate to Big Data? Let's break it down.
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The Difference between Big Data and Big Hype

Mar 10, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

Does the reality of the Big Data movement really live up to the fanfare, and maybe more importantly, is it worth the money?
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