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Business Intelligence

Because Business Intelligence never stands still

The Difference between Big Data and Big Hype

Mar 10, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

Does the reality of the Big Data movement really live up to the fanfare, and maybe more importantly, is it worth the money?
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The Data Tsunami is Coming. Is Your Company Ready?

Jan 20, 2015 Big Data Alex Jonathan Brown

As the Internet of Things grows, there's a lot of data coming your company's way. Here are the three things you need to handle it all.
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Can You Use Power BI with an On-Premises SharePoint Environment?

Jan 15, 2015 Power BI Dennis Junk

The path to the cloud is getting smoother all the time. You can now use Office 365 tools like Power BI even if your data's not in the cloud.
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When Should You Start Thinking about an Integration Strategy?

Jan 12, 2015 Cloud Richard Spice

Business Data can have multiple sources and multiple destinations. But sometimes you have to bring it all together for an effective BI solution.
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Governance and Master Data Management

Dec 22, 2014 Business Intelligence Jeremy Duddy

Behind the technology, people and processes have to be aligned to make Master Data Management solutions effective Business Intelligence tools.
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Spoiler Alert? Bing Predicts the Super Bowl, Grammys and More

Dec 19, 2014 Business Intelligence Alex Jonathan Brown

Want a glimpse into the future? Microsoft's put Bing to work and here's who is going to win the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and more in 2015.
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Big Data, Hadoop, and HDInsight

Dec 17, 2014 Azure Jen Booth

BI Developer Travis Teeple explains some of the common misconceptions about Big Data before going on to cover some of the basics of Hadoop and HDInsight, including the three Vs.
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The Best vs the Buzziest Business Intelligence Tools

Dec 3, 2014 Big Data Aaron Crouch

Big Data is great for a lot of things, but is it good for everything?
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What Are the Benefits of Master Data Management?

Oct 29, 2014 Business Intelligence Jeremy Duddy

Master Data Management is a Business Intelligence tool that provides a central repository of critical data. But how does that benefit you?
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SSIS and Excel - Let's All Play Nice Now

Oct 13, 2014 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

The words SSIS and Excel might strike fear in your heart, but they shouldn't. Here's how to make it all work smoothly.
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