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Bringing your company to the Cloud

Microsoft Opens Office to Third-Party Cloud Solutions

Feb 20, 2015 Office 365 Alex Jonathan Brown

Getting your tech toys to play nice can be a hard, but Microsoft's making it easier to use your favorite cloud storage with your favorite Office apps.
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Microsoft Adopts New Standard for Cloud Security

Feb 18, 2015 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Thanks to new standards, you don't just have to take a company's word on cloud security. Microsoft just adopted them and we've got the details.
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Amazon Web Services Vs Microsoft Azure: The Real Difference

Feb 2, 2015 Cloud Mark Gordon

Gartner Research compared AWS and Azure in the Spring. But Microsoft has since made some changes to their cloud offerings.
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System Center, Data Management and the Cloud Era

Jan 14, 2015 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Data management is tricky enough offline, but what happens when you store data in the cloud? Here's a look at Microsoft's solution for that problem.
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Aptera's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

Dec 26, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

2014's coming to a close and it's time to take stock of the year! Here's a look at Aptera's five biggest blog posts of the last twelve months.
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'Arcadia' is a streaming apps and games service, built on Azure

Dec 17, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Microsoft's putting Azure to work on a new project to stream apps and games to your Windows devices. Here's the latest details.
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How Are Businesses Using Microsoft Azure?

Dec 12, 2014 Cloud Dennis Junk

Here's some flash case studies to help you get an idea of how Microsoft Azure works in real business settings.
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Microsoft Aiming at Governments with New Azure Release

Dec 10, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Each industry has its own standards but governments are a totally different game. Microsoft's launching a new version of Azure to meet the challenge.
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Office Lens Solves Your Business Card Problem Forever

Dec 10, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Tired of staring at a stack of business cards? Microsoft's Office Lens can get them off your desk and into the cloud.
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Make Your Voice Heard with the Microsoft Ignite Call for Topics Survey

Dec 8, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Tired of conference sessions that don't meet your needs? Help Microsoft plan next year's Microsoft Ignite!
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