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Bringing your company to the Cloud

How to Create Workflows in Office 365

Jan 14, 2016 Office 365 Scott Walsh

Many of the functions familiar to SharePoint users are available in Office 365. Here's how to set up workflows in the cloud.
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Office 365's Latest Security and Privacy Features

Jul 21, 2015 Office 365 Eric Rupp

Cloud providers are constantly coming up with new cloud security measures. Here are some of the latest for Office 365.
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Google Apps and Office 365: a Brief Comparison

Apr 17, 2015 Office 365 Aaron Eisberg

What are Google Apps and Office 365 used for? Which one is the better choice?
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Microsoft Opens Office to Third-Party Cloud Solutions

Feb 20, 2015 Office 365 Alex Jonathan Brown

Getting your tech toys to play nice can be a hard, but Microsoft's making it easier to use your favorite cloud storage with your favorite Office apps.
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What Is Delve for Office 365?

Jan 19, 2015 Office 365 Dennis Junk

Even with cloud tools like Office 365, it can be a pain finding the documents you need. But Delve just may solve that problem for good.
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Apple Users Can Catch Up on Office 365 with New Office for Mac Apps

Nov 4, 2014 Office 365 Alex Jonathan Brown

Have you felt left behind using Office 365 on your Mac? Microsoft has good news for you.
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New Mobile Device Management Capabilities coming to Office 365

Oct 29, 2014 Office 365 Alex Jonathan Brown

Managing mobile devices is important, but it isn't easy. Microsoft's helping out by building Mobile Device Management into the next Office 365 update.
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Is Office 365 Secure? A Handy Infographic

Oct 3, 2014 Office 365 Dennis Junk

What does Microsoft do to keep your Office 365 information safe and private? We made an infographic to show you some of the main security measures.
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Microsoft and Salesforce Partner - but What About Dynamics?

May 30, 2014 Office 365 Aaron Eisberg

Is your company experiencing the benefits of Office 365 but hasn't switched to Microsoft Dynamics as a CRM? Microsoft and Salesforce have good news.
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