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Custom Software

Sometimes Custom is the only way to go

3 Trends CIOs Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2015

Nov 11, 2014 Cloud Dennis Junk

Here's what Gartner thinks IT professionals need to be keeping an eye on. Hint: it's lots of mobile, cloud, and business intelligence stuff.
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Key Considerations in Mobilizing Business Data: Free White Paper

Nov 5, 2014 Mobile Dennis Junk

A brief introduction to some of the challenges involved in going mobile with your business data and some of the ways you can address them.
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Switching from Waterfall to Scrum Midstream

Nov 3, 2014 Custom Application Development Eric Potter

There are lots of ways to approach custom software development, but what happens when you need to shift methods mainstream? Here's how we handled it.
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JavaScript Performance Coding Driven by Engine Optimizations

Oct 27, 2014 JavaScript David Aschliman

But when it comes to achieving the best JavaScript performance, knowing what the compiler is looking for makes all the difference.
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Why Clean Code Is Crucial in Scrum Software Development

Oct 23, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

The key to successful custom software projects is breaking complex challenges into smaller, more manageable pieces. But will the pieces fit together?
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What's Most Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software?

Oct 22, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

What distinguishes Quality Assurance from Software Testing in custom projects?
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Xim, Microsoft’s New Photo Sharing Service, Now Available Everywhere

Oct 21, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Xim, Microsoft's new photo sharing service is more than just new tech. It's a new direction for the company.
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3 Qualities to Look for in Quality Assurance Practices

Oct 21, 2014 Custom Application Development Matt Noggle

What questions should you ask about Quality Assurance before choosing a custom software partner?
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"Theirs but to Do and Die": Why a Lack of Communication Will Lead to a Software Development Disaster

Oct 20, 2014 custom software Eric Potter

"The Charge of the Light Brigade" tells of a group of doomed soldiers, heading for their death. Here's how your software team can avoid the same fate.
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What Is KidoZen?

Oct 16, 2014 Mobile Dennis Junk

A lot goes on behind the scenes of the mobile apps you love. KidoZen handles the back end to help businesses focus on users' experiences.
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