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Custom Software

Sometimes Custom is the only way to go

A Few Mistakes You're Probably Making with Your Scrum Quality Assurance Testing: Tech Club Podcast

Dec 14, 2016 Scrum Dennis Junk

An interview with Quality Assurance Practice Leader Rob Sandoz about some of the most common mistakes scrum teams make when it comes to testing.
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Test-Driven Development and the Importance of Clean Code in Scrum Projects: Tech Club Podcast

Dec 7, 2016 TDD Dennis Junk

An interview with Scrum expert Jon Fazzaro about the role of Test-Driven Development in writing clean code.
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Ash Brokerage and Aptera Software Partner for First Annual Ft. Wayne Software Development Conference

Nov 23, 2016 Events Laura Larkin

Ash Brokerage and Aptera Software hosted the very first Fort Wayne Software Development Conference on November 17th at the Ash Brokerage Building in Downtown Fort Wayne.
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Aptera Spotlight: Software Architect and Musician Jon Fazzaro

Nov 23, 2016 Software Hillary Wood

Software architect Fazzaro was taking an agile approach to writing and recording music, long before he began applying it to software development. Here's how.
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Why QA Is Such a Fundamental Part of Agile Software Development: Tech Club Podcast

Sep 26, 2016 Agile Dennis Junk

An interview with QA Practice Leader Rob Sandoz about how Quality Assurance is evolving in the age of agile software development
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The Internet of (Too Many?) Things: Tech Club Podcast

Jun 20, 2016 Social Media Dennis Junk

Connected devices are awesome. But how many notifications do you want a day? IoT in manufacturing is exciting, but in our personal lives it can be distracting.
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Team Learning as Team Building

Jun 17, 2016 Code Eric Potter

You can learn a lot by attending industry conferences. But what you learn often goes beyond industry topics.
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Have You Been Defining Project Success Incorrectly?

Apr 26, 2016 Project Management James Mitchell

In Project Management for Agile development, you have to define "done" or "complete" as successfully meeting the original goals of the engagement.
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How the Project Management Lifecycle for Custom Software Development Is Like Dating: Tech Club Podcast

Apr 18, 2016 Project Management Dennis Junk

There's that first call, which is a lot like a blind date. And then there are all the other parallels between dating and project management.
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Customer Satisfaction: Reality or Illusion?

Apr 5, 2016 Project Management James Mitchell

How is project management like a magic show? One is making the impossible seemingly real. The other is making the seemingly impossible actually real.
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What It's Like Being a Client for Agile Custom Software Development Projects: Tech Club Podcast

Mar 28, 2016 custom software Dennis Junk

In this week's Tech Club Podcast, a Scrum expert tells us what you should expect working with a software development team using an agile methodology.
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The retrospective is the heartbeat of the project

Jan 21, 2016 custom software Jon Fazzaro

The temptation to skip over the retrospective at the end of each sprint in a custom software project is strong. Should you resist it?
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Let the RFP Die Already: How to Recruit a Custom Software Vendor

Dec 22, 2015 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

Lists of requirements just don't capture the creative complexity of custom software development projects. What does this mean for RFPs?
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Should Custom Software Developers Be Generalists or a Specialists?

Nov 23, 2015 Custom Application Development Eric Potter

Before you can lay out a path to becoming a better custom software developer, you need to understand the multidimensional nature of your toolkit.
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5 “Surprises” That Come Up in Every Custom Software Project

Sep 29, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Every custom software development project is different... but maybe not THAT different. Here are some things you can safely expect.
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How to Choose a Custom Software Development Firm in the Age of Scrum

Sep 4, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Many businesses are starting to look at choosing a custom software company less like holding a bidding war and more like hiring a new employee.
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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness in Custom Software Development

Sep 2, 2015 Jon Fazzaro

Developing custom software can be done quickly and on the cheap. But sometimes that ends up costing you more in the long run.
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Success beyond Measurement: Value-Based Software Development

Aug 31, 2015 Matt Noggle

Developing custom software is a complicated task that requires complex procedures. How can you ensure the end product provides the value it should?
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If Unit Tests Were Seinfeld Characters

Aug 25, 2015 custom software Eric Potter

Quality Assurance works best when it mixes up diverse types of testing... kind of like a TV comedy works best with diverse types of characters.
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Native vs Cross-Platform: It’s Not Just Languages…It’s Ecosystems

Aug 5, 2015 Dennis Junk

Mobile development often looks different depending on whether you're a decision-maker or an actual developer.
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Some New Visual Studio 2015 Features We’re Already Putting to Use

Jul 29, 2015 Visual Studio 2015 Eric Potter

Microsoft just released Visual Studio 2015, and our Custom Software team has already started using it.
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The Case for Native Development

Jul 17, 2015 Mobile Ethan Campbell

Why would anyone go for native mobile development when there are hybrid and cross-platform options? Turns out, there are a few good reasons.
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How to Decide between Off-the-Shelf and Custom Software

Jul 6, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Some business leaders are categorically opposed to either packaged or custom software. But you'll probably want to make a more strategic decision.
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Windows 10 Upgrade: What’s the Catch and Is It Worth It?

Jun 12, 2015 Microsoft Dennis Junk

Microsoft is making Windows 10 available on July 29th at no cost. Should you get the upgrade?
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Native or Web App? Integrating Software Applications Across Platforms

May 14, 2015 Mobile Bob Bajoras

Building a mobile app? How will you decide between a native and a web application?
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How to Decide on the Killer Features for Your Custom Software Solution

May 13, 2015 custom software Bob Bajoras

You've got a great idea for some custom software with a bunch of awesome features. But which features should you focus on first?
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Universal Apps, Cross-Platform Development, and Windows 10

Apr 30, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Microsoft just announced that you'll be able to port iOS and Android apps onto Windows 10 devices. Will this mean mobile market dominance?
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Does Scrum Really Help Control Cost?

Apr 24, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

The Scrum methodology addresses many of the doubts that come with hiring an outside software development company. But what about cost?
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SSAS Time Aggregations

Apr 2, 2015 Custom Software Code Jeremy Duddy

Here are a couple of ways to work through the time display conundrum.
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Aptera’s Own Eric Potter Named MVP by Microsoft

Apr 1, 2015 Microsoft Dennis Junk

Congrats to Aptera's Software Architect Eric Potter for being named an MVP by Microsoft!
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How to Build a Mobile App

Mar 16, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

The most effective mobile apps aren't the ones with the most cool features. They're the ones that make something you're already doing much easier to.
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Developing Software in a Network of Ideas

Mar 12, 2015 Custom Application Development Eric Potter

Great ideas aren't formed in a vacuum, they're based on years of ideas before them. Here's how to leverage that legacy for your next software project.
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Do Xamarin Apps Perform as Well as Native iOS and Android Apps?

Mar 11, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Xamarin was designed to let you create cross-platform mobile apps. But do Xamarin apps perform as well as native-built apps?
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Round Off Your Square Pegs with Custom Knockout Binding Handlers

Mar 6, 2015 Custom Application Development Jamie Hiss

Knockout is a versatile library that makes working with JavaScript a dream. But you may need some custom bindings.
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OData Web API Techniques

Feb 20, 2015 Web Development Mark Bow

We present to you three techniques to help you customize your OData Web API service.
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The Biggest Mistake CIOs Make in Creating Mobile Strategies

Feb 17, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Is exploring what all the latest mobile apps can do the first step you should take to develop a mobile strategy?
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Aptera 101: Xamarin

Feb 6, 2015 App Development Alex Jonathan Brown

Is Xamarin the key to developing mobile apps on multiple platform? Check out this episode of Aptera 101 to find out!
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Agile Is Not Hard-Coded

Feb 3, 2015 custom software Jon Fazzaro

As soon as Agile becomes just another rigid process, it's not Agile anymore.
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Does Scrum Really Work?

Jan 30, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Agile Development and the Scrum Methodology are all the rage. But how close does the reality come to the ideal?
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How Does Xamarin Reduce the Cost of Custom Mobile App Development?

Jan 13, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Xamarin is a tool for creating multi-device mobile apps. But where does its real value come from?
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How Does Xamarin Work?

Jan 7, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Xamarin is tool for developing multi-device mobile apps. But how exactly does it work?
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Windows 10 Preview Coming in January

Dec 15, 2014 Windows 10 Alex Jonathan Brown

News is slowly leaking out about Windows 10, but Microsoft is getting ready to give us the first big look at their next big thing.
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Microsoft Acquires HockeyApp, Expanding iOS and Android Offerings

Dec 11, 2014 Mobile Alex Jonathan Brown

Developers working on Windows Phone, iOS and Android just got a big gift from Microsoft. Here are the details on their acquisition of HockeyApp.
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Enter the Scrum: Behind 2014's Hottest Custom Software Buzzword

Dec 5, 2014 custom software Andrew McNair

If you've paid any attention to custom software this year you've heard about Scrum. Andrew McNair gives you an overview of the current next big thing.
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What is DevOps and How Does It Relate to Agile Development?

Nov 25, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

It's not just the methods of custom software development that are changing--the roles of everyone in the IT department are starting to blur.
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Why Are Custom Software Development Projects so Painful?

Nov 19, 2014 custom software Dennis Junk

It seems like custom software development projects just never turn out well. Does it have to be that way?
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3 Trends CIOs Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2015

Nov 11, 2014 Cloud Dennis Junk

Here's what Gartner thinks IT professionals need to be keeping an eye on. Hint: it's lots of mobile, cloud, and business intelligence stuff.
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Key Considerations in Mobilizing Business Data: Free White Paper

Nov 5, 2014 Mobile Dennis Junk

A brief introduction to some of the challenges involved in going mobile with your business data and some of the ways you can address them.
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Mobile Data Management Made Easier by Virtualization: Free White Paper

Nov 3, 2014 Mobile Dennis Junk

Accessing your business's data from mobile apps is tougher than doing it from web apps. This white paper explains how virtualization helps.
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Switching from Waterfall to Scrum Midstream

Nov 3, 2014 Custom Application Development Eric Potter

There are lots of ways to approach custom software development, but what happens when you need to shift methods mainstream? Here's how we handled it.
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JavaScript Performance Coding Driven by Engine Optimizations

Oct 27, 2014 JavaScript David Aschliman

But when it comes to achieving the best JavaScript performance, knowing what the compiler is looking for makes all the difference.
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Why Clean Code Is Crucial in Scrum Software Development

Oct 23, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

The key to successful custom software projects is breaking complex challenges into smaller, more manageable pieces. But will the pieces fit together?
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What's Most Misunderstood about Quality Assurance in Custom Software?

Oct 22, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

What distinguishes Quality Assurance from Software Testing in custom projects?
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Xim, Microsoft’s New Photo Sharing Service, Now Available Everywhere

Oct 21, 2014 Cloud Alex Jonathan Brown

Xim, Microsoft's new photo sharing service is more than just new tech. It's a new direction for the company.
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3 Qualities to Look for in Quality Assurance Practices

Oct 21, 2014 Custom Application Development Matt Noggle

What questions should you ask about Quality Assurance before choosing a custom software partner?
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"Theirs but to Do and Die": Why a Lack of Communication Will Lead to a Software Development Disaster

Oct 20, 2014 custom software Eric Potter

"The Charge of the Light Brigade" tells of a group of doomed soldiers, heading for their death. Here's how your software team can avoid the same fate.
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What Is KidoZen?

Oct 16, 2014 Mobile Dennis Junk

A lot goes on behind the scenes of the mobile apps you love. KidoZen handles the back end to help businesses focus on users' experiences.
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Snowden E-mails Reveal He's The James Bond of The Internet Generation

Oct 14, 2014 Government Alex Jonathan Brown

A new documentary is coming out about Edward Snowden. Turns out he had to do some crazy James Bond stuff to get into all that trouble.
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Do Agile Projects for Custom Software Cost More?

Oct 7, 2014 Software Dennis Junk

If applied correctly, agile methodologies like Scrum can actually reduce the cost of custom software development projects. Here's how.
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom Software?

Oct 3, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

You have the choice to use pre-made software or build something custom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom application development?
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Ridiculous Roller Coasters and Seamless Custom Software Experiences

Sep 29, 2014 Software Alex Jonathan Brown

What does a roller coaster called Montazooma's Revenge have in common with disjointed custom software experiences?
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How Code Snippets Made Me Love Jasmine Again

Aug 7, 2014 JavaScript Mike Nuss

Mike Nuss helps us out with a custom software coding shortcut.
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How to Choose a Custom Software Vendor [Free White Paper]

Aug 6, 2014 ASP.NET Dennis Junk

Our free white paper on questions that will give you the upper hand in negotiations with custom software vendors.
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Using TFS Power Tools and Workspaces to Create Changeset-Based Deployment Packages

Jul 29, 2014 custom software David Federspiel

Software Engineer David Federspiel walks us through the steps of creating Changeset-Based Deployment Packages.
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WWDC 2014: Apple embraces an Internet of Things with HomeKit API in iOS 8

Jun 6, 2014 Mobile Ethan Campbell

During the WWDC 2014 keynote on June 2nd, Apple revealed a focus on moving into smart devices and The Internet of Things.
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What Google Glass Teaches us about Good Devices and Apps

May 21, 2014 Office 365 Dennis Junk

Google Glass would be great for multitasking zombies. But successful innovations will have to create better all-around user experiences for humans.
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