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Custom Software

Sometimes Custom is the only way to go

Snowden E-mails Reveal He's The James Bond of The Internet Generation

Oct 14, 2014 Government Alex Jonathan Brown

A new documentary is coming out about Edward Snowden. Turns out he had to do some crazy James Bond stuff to get into all that trouble.
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Do Agile Projects for Custom Software Cost More?

Oct 7, 2014 Software Dennis Junk

If applied correctly, agile methodologies like Scrum can actually reduce the cost of custom software development projects. Here's how.
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom Software?

Oct 3, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

You have the choice to use pre-made software or build something custom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom application development?
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Ridiculous Roller Coasters and Seamless Custom Software Experiences

Sep 29, 2014 Software Alex Jonathan Brown

What does a roller coaster called Montazooma's Revenge have in common with disjointed custom software experiences?
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