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Custom Software

Sometimes Custom is the only way to go

How to Decide on the Killer Features for Your Custom Software Solution

May 13, 2015 custom software Bob Bajoras

You've got a great idea for some custom software with a bunch of awesome features. But which features should you focus on first?
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Does Scrum Really Help Control Cost?

Apr 24, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

The Scrum methodology addresses many of the doubts that come with hiring an outside software development company. But what about cost?
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Developing Software in a Network of Ideas

Mar 12, 2015 Custom Application Development Eric Potter

Great ideas aren't formed in a vacuum, they're based on years of ideas before them. Here's how to leverage that legacy for your next software project.
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The Biggest Mistake CIOs Make in Creating Mobile Strategies

Feb 17, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Is exploring what all the latest mobile apps can do the first step you should take to develop a mobile strategy?
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Agile Is Not Hard-Coded

Feb 3, 2015 custom software Jon Fazzaro

As soon as Agile becomes just another rigid process, it's not Agile anymore.
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Does Scrum Really Work?

Jan 30, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Agile Development and the Scrum Methodology are all the rage. But how close does the reality come to the ideal?
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Windows 10 Preview Coming in January

Dec 15, 2014 Windows 10 Alex Jonathan Brown

News is slowly leaking out about Windows 10, but Microsoft is getting ready to give us the first big look at their next big thing.
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Microsoft Acquires HockeyApp, Expanding iOS and Android Offerings

Dec 11, 2014 Mobile Alex Jonathan Brown

Developers working on Windows Phone, iOS and Android just got a big gift from Microsoft. Here are the details on their acquisition of HockeyApp.
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Enter the Scrum: Behind 2014's Hottest Custom Software Buzzword

Dec 5, 2014 custom software Andrew McNair

If you've paid any attention to custom software this year you've heard about Scrum. Andrew McNair gives you an overview of the current next big thing.
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What is DevOps and How Does It Relate to Agile Development?

Nov 25, 2014 Custom Application Development Dennis Junk

It's not just the methods of custom software development that are changing--the roles of everyone in the IT department are starting to blur.
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