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Custom Software

Sometimes Custom is the only way to go

The Case for Native Development

Jul 17, 2015 Mobile Ethan Campbell

Why would anyone go for native mobile development when there are hybrid and cross-platform options? Turns out, there are a few good reasons.
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Native or Web App? Integrating Software Applications Across Platforms

May 14, 2015 Mobile Bob Bajoras

Building a mobile app? How will you decide between a native and a web application?
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Universal Apps, Cross-Platform Development, and Windows 10

Apr 30, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Microsoft just announced that you'll be able to port iOS and Android apps onto Windows 10 devices. Will this mean mobile market dominance?
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How to Build a Mobile App

Mar 16, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

The most effective mobile apps aren't the ones with the most cool features. They're the ones that make something you're already doing much easier to.
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Do Xamarin Apps Perform as Well as Native iOS and Android Apps?

Mar 11, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Xamarin was designed to let you create cross-platform mobile apps. But do Xamarin apps perform as well as native-built apps?
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The Biggest Mistake CIOs Make in Creating Mobile Strategies

Feb 17, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Is exploring what all the latest mobile apps can do the first step you should take to develop a mobile strategy?
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How Does Xamarin Reduce the Cost of Custom Mobile App Development?

Jan 13, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Xamarin is a tool for creating multi-device mobile apps. But where does its real value come from?
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How Does Xamarin Work?

Jan 7, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

Xamarin is tool for developing multi-device mobile apps. But how exactly does it work?
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Microsoft Acquires HockeyApp, Expanding iOS and Android Offerings

Dec 11, 2014 Mobile Alex Jonathan Brown

Developers working on Windows Phone, iOS and Android just got a big gift from Microsoft. Here are the details on their acquisition of HockeyApp.
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3 Trends CIOs Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2015

Nov 11, 2014 Cloud Dennis Junk

Here's what Gartner thinks IT professionals need to be keeping an eye on. Hint: it's lots of mobile, cloud, and business intelligence stuff.
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