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Sitefinity Multisite Management and Microsoft Azure Autoscaling: A Case Study

Aug 11, 2014 Web Design & Development Dennis Junk

Mom Corps needed a way to manage all their franchise sites and handle spikes in traffic. Aptera used Sitefinity and Azure to provide the solution.
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Microsoft Azure Autoscales Sitefinity Multisite: Infographic Case Study

Jul 25, 2014 Web Design & Development Dennis Junk

An infographic on how we integrated Sitefinity Multisite Management with Microsoft Azure to build an autoscaling multisite.
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4 Ways to Avoid 3 O’clock Office Fatigue

Jan 15, 2014 Digital Marketing Dennis Junk

Is there a point in the day when you always catch yourself fantasizing about a nap? Here are some hints for staying energized throughout the day.
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