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Digital Marketing

All Inbound Marketing, all the time

Dynamic and Data-Driven Buyer Personas for Your Website [2-Part Webinar]

Oct 13, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

Buyer Personas, no matter how much research you do, are little more than guesses. But new technologies use tracking data to optimize both UX and conversions.
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Smarketing by Any Other Name: How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Efforts: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 12, 2016 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

A conversation with former sales guy and current marketing consultant Derek Laliberte on why sales and marketing should be working much more closely together.
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Project Management in Marketing vs Project Management in IT: Tech Club Podcast

Sep 29, 2016 Project Management Dennis Junk

An interview with Content Production Manager Laura Larkin and Project Manager James Swihart on the similarities and differences between the two project types.
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Web Development Goes Agile with Results-Driven Design: Tech Club Podcast

Aug 26, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

Results-Driven Design applies the principles of agile methodologies like Scrum to web development. Here's our interview with an RDD practitioner.
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Sitefinity DEC Personas vs Inbound Personas: Tech Club Podcast

Aug 3, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

An interview with Senior Web Developer Jon Read about personas in the Sitefinity DEC and how they compare to inbound Buyer Personas.
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Beyond Blogging: The Challenges of Starting an Industry Publication: Tech Club Podcast

Jul 20, 2016 Content Marketing Dennis Junk

A discussion of the strategy behind hosting an online publication on IT and digital marketing for manufacturers as opposed to standard inbound blogging.
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Dogfooding Content Strategy with Digital Marketers: Tech Club Podcast

Jul 13, 2016 Content Marketing Dennis Junk

In this episode of Tech Club, we discuss Aptera's own ongoing discovery process, especially the formulation of a new content strategy.
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Jumping into Success by Partnering with Sky Zone!

Jun 30, 2016 Aptera Kristen Baumert

Sky Zone's successful use of inbound marketing techniques through blogging, social media, and email campaigns.
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Website Goals and Getting Your Business Found Online: Tech Club Podcast

Jun 29, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

An interview with an SEO and digital marketing expert on what businesses need to do to help people find them online--and encourage those visitors to become customers.
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Digital Marketing in 2016 and beyond: Tech Club Podcast

Jun 6, 2016 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

An interview with Ron Mattocks on how to keep up with the latest trends in social media and inbound marketing.
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