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Digital Marketing

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Website Goals and Getting Your Business Found Online: Tech Club Podcast

Jun 29, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

An interview with an SEO and digital marketing expert on what businesses need to do to help people find them online--and encourage those visitors to become customers.
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A Quick Guide to Google's Recent Algorithm Updates

Mar 1, 2016 SEO Aaron Eisberg

Any time Google makes an announcement about its top-secret algorithms, the digital marketing community springs into action with blog posts.
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What You Need to Know about SEO in 2016

Feb 23, 2016 SEO Aaron Eisberg

All the Google updates point digital marketers in a single direction. When it comes to SEO, your task first and foremost is to create quality content.
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Demers vs Fishkin: Do Inbound Marketers Need to Know Technical SEO?

Oct 1, 2015 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

The Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom says you don't need to know tech stuff to do SEO. But Moz's Rand Fishkin begs to differ.
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How to Easily Make a Social Media Content Calendar

Sep 9, 2015 Content Marketing Kristen Baumert

Creating a social media content calendar doesn't have to be complex. Organize your content and center it around your campaign with these tips.
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Who Cares About Social Media?  Your Business Should!

Jul 30, 2015 Social Media Kristen Baumert

More followers, likes, and shares on social media give businesses the chance to grow larger, be better at customer service, and rank higher with SEO.
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Why SEO isn't enough

Jul 27, 2015 Marketing Brandon Smits

More businesses than I can count have said to me, “We really need to improve our SEO,” I’ve found that this is seldom what the real problem is.
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Schema.org: The Missing Technical Piece of Your SEO Strategy?

Jun 8, 2015 SEO Dennis Junk

Web Developers have a lot of knowledge about your content that could help with your SEO strategy. Are they throwing it in the trash?
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Can Google Save Inbound Marketers from Facebook Instant Articles?

May 22, 2015 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

From an SEO perspective, it seems like a bad idea to send people to another website for your content. But what if that site is Facebook?
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Google's Antitrust Case and the SEO Game

May 1, 2015 Mobile Dennis Junk

How will antitrust cases brought against Google by the FTC and EU affect the SEO practices and marketing competition?
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