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Digital Marketing

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Redesigning your website? Here Are 2 Things You Can Expect to Go Wrong

Dec 6, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

Most companies plan at least 3 months for their website's redesign and the result is typically an under performing launch. That's where agile approach comes in.
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Do you Still Need to Create Buyer Personas if You're Using the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud?

Nov 21, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

Buyer personas are vital to understanding potential customers. Understanding Sitefinity's Digital Experience Cloud & its features will enhance user experience.
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Sitefinity DEC Persona Templates and Action Plan

Oct 28, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

Downloadable e-book with templates and instructions on how to create your own buyer personas for the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.
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Dynamic and Data-Driven Buyer Personas for Your Website [2-Part Webinar]

Oct 13, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

Buyer Personas, no matter how much research you do, are little more than guesses. But new technologies use tracking data to optimize both UX and conversions.
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Sitefinity DEC Personas vs Inbound Personas: Tech Club Podcast

Aug 3, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

An interview with Senior Web Developer Jon Read about personas in the Sitefinity DEC and how they compare to inbound Buyer Personas.
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The Sitefinity DEC's Role in Inbound Marketing: Tech Club Podcast

May 23, 2016 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

James and Dennis talk Inbound Marketing and the Sitefinity DEC with Web Development Practice Leader Andy Glassley in this episode of the Tech Club Podcast.
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Aptera and Redpack Tomatoes Win Website of the Year Award for 2015!

Apr 6, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

The public has spoken. And Aptera's web development team has won for the second year in a row.
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Sitefinity vs. Wordpress: Which is Better for Your Business?

Apr 1, 2016 Sitefinity Aaron Eisberg

Sitefinity and Wordpress allow you to run your business's website with a minimum of web skills, but which is the better solution for your business?
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Adding a Hubspot Call-to-Action to Sitefinity

Feb 3, 2016 Sitefinity Jonathan Read

Jon Read answers a reader's question about his HubSpot integration with Sitefinity.
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WordPress vs Joomla! vs Sitefinity vs Sitecore vs Drupal

Jan 21, 2016 Sitefinity Jonathan Read

What CMS will best serve your business goals? Here's a handy overview to kick off your decision-making process.
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