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Web Design and User Experience Enter the Age of Agile: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 26, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

An interview with Graphic Design guy Joe Beste about the Midwest UX Conference and what some of the latest developments are web design and user experience.
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Web Development Goes Agile with Results-Driven Design: Tech Club Podcast

Aug 26, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

Results-Driven Design applies the principles of agile methodologies like Scrum to web development. Here's our interview with an RDD practitioner.
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Aptera and Redpack Tomatoes Win Website of the Year Award for 2015!

Apr 6, 2016 Web Design Dennis Junk

The public has spoken. And Aptera's web development team has won for the second year in a row.
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Demers vs Fishkin: Do Inbound Marketers Need to Know Technical SEO?

Oct 1, 2015 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

The Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom says you don't need to know tech stuff to do SEO. But Moz's Rand Fishkin begs to differ.
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Schema.org: The Missing Technical Piece of Your SEO Strategy?

Jun 8, 2015 SEO Dennis Junk

Web Developers have a lot of knowledge about your content that could help with your SEO strategy. Are they throwing it in the trash?
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Aptera and Red Gold Win Website of the Year Award for 2014!

Apr 8, 2015 Sitefinity Dennis Junk

The website our team built for Red Gold was awarded top prize by Sitefinity!
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Aptera and Red Gold Nominated for Sitefinity's 2014 Site of the Year!

Feb 10, 2015 Sitefinity Alex Jonathan Brown

It's award season and Aptera's getting in on the action! Learn about our nomination for web development and throw us a vote!
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How Much Does a Website Cost?

Nov 7, 2014 Web Development Dennis Junk

Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of custom web development projects, along with an average cost range.
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Our New Web Development Planning E-Book

Oct 6, 2014 Inbound Marketing Dennis Junk

Before you start building your next website, you need a plan for making the most of social media outlets and mobile technologies.
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Sitefinity Multisite Management and Microsoft Azure Autoscaling: A Case Study

Aug 11, 2014 Azure Dennis Junk

Mom Corps needed a way to manage all their franchise sites and handle spikes in traffic. Aptera used Sitefinity and Azure to provide the solution.
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