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How Great Design Can Help You Crackdown on the Competition

Jun 30, 2016 Client Spotlights Alyssa Lopez


Client Bio

latham.pngLatham Pool Products is North America’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass swimming pools, vinyl liners, polymer in-ground pools, and automatic safety covers. They have thousands of local pool builders across the United States and Canada.


In 2015, Latham approached Aptera to create a consumer facing digital marketing strategy to help generate more sales qualified leads that they could then hand off to pool builders across their network. 

As Aptera began to develop a content strategy, it became apparent that there was a need for strong positioning against concrete pool builders, their biggest competition. In order to gain market share, Aptera needed to develop content that showcased Latham fiberglass swimming pools as the smartest choice in swimming pool materials. To do so they chose to illustrate this using a fight theme between the two pools - fiberglass vs concrete. A head-to-head battle where only the premium brand could become champion!



From this concept, the Aptera creative team was able to create an eBook that would go on to become one of the most successful pieces of Latham premium content, The Ultimate Crackdown: Fiberglass vs Concrete Pools.Fiberglass_Swimming_Pool_vs_Concrete_eBook_Latham_Pool_Products.png

Using boxing and wrestling design elements to compare the two pool produtcts, Aptera was able to create an eBook that not only looked appealing and fun to potential buyers, but also helped show the differences between the two materials. 

Much like professional wrestling, graphic design and content is about storytelling. Joe Beste, the graphic designer, mentioned that the design was aimed to take people on a journey through the content. That the design element was not engagement just for the sake of it, but had served a specific purpose of telling a story. He chalked up the success to having highly shareable content that clearly and identifiably illustrated the differences between two pools by having them go head-to-head. 

The Result


The results of this eBook have been rather profound. In the span of the eBook’s life, just over a year, the landing page had been viewed nearly 22,000 times.  Over 1,200 of these vistors then downloaded the eBook, resulting in 741 new marketing qualified leads. Of those leads 257 completed Latham's lead nuruturing funnel as a sales qualified lead.  That is 257 home owners that were ready to purchase a pool and were connected with a local pool builder within the Latham network.

Let's do the math here, 257 pools multiplied by average an average sale of $15,000 equals a whopping $2.8 million in potential sales from one eBook!  

In the end, you got to admit, it sounds like the Latham partnership with Aptera's team really won the pool in this fight of pools. 

For the full fiberglass vs concrete eBook's design experience simply click here. To browse more Latham creative, be sure to check out their resource library.


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