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Pizza as a Service: How Moving to the Cloud Saves You Money [Infographic]

Sep 21, 2015 Cloud and Managed Services Dennis Junk

Pizza-as-a-ServiceAptera’s cloud team joined forces with our marketing team to scour the web for the most lucid explanations of what the cloud is, what exactly it offers, and how it can save you money. That’s how we found a blog on LinkedIn by IBM Senior Software Client Architect Albert Barron, who sums up the main cloud options brilliantly with a graphic about Pizza as a Service. Barron’s post has been making its rounds all over PowerPoint slides and Pinterest boards ever since.

But we wanted to make things even clearer for you, so we’ve created some new visualizations that allow you to compare the various cloud options side by side. And we’ve added another graphic to illustrate how moving to the cloud can save you money. So share this with anyone who may still be a little up in the air about the difference between IaaS and PaaS, or anyone still wondering what the point of it all could be. And let us know if you have any ideas for making the concepts even simpler to grasp.


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