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Collaborating on everything SharePoint

What’s the Difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

Jul 24, 2014 Cloud & Managed Services Dennis Junk

OneDrive began as cloud storage, but now it has a lot of collaboration tools. Has OneDrive started to move into SharePoint's territory?
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What Does SharePoint Cost?

Jul 29, 2013 Cloud & Managed Services Grant Harmeyer

Whenever we discuss SharePoint, it’s never long before the cost question comes up. The problem is that asking how much SharePoint costs is a bit like asking what a new house costs. So how do you figure how much SharePoint actually costs?
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What is Microsoft SharePoint Used For?

Jul 15, 2013 Cloud & Managed Services Dennis Junk

Over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, but they’re not all using it for the same things. What is SharePoint really used for?
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The Best Thing about SharePoint 2013: An Architect's Perspective

Mar 18, 2013 Cloud & Managed Services Scott Walsh

Get a taste of the SharePoint geek perspective on why site segregation gave us headaches and learn what the new solutions will mean for you and your business.
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