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Social Media Content Calendar Cheat Sheet

Sep 22, 2015 Social Media Kristen Baumert

Fresh content can be hard to come by sometimes. There are some pretty easy hacks out there and I'm going to share my secret to creating a monthly social media calendar for your business content. It can be easily summarized in one word. Pinterest

Social Media Calendar

Pinterest isn't just for women. Let me repeat that, Pinterest isn't just for women. It's a social platform that I like to call "Content Heaven." It's for all types of people, all types of interests and all types of businesses. That's right, even men can enjoy the many fruits of Pinterest. Sure you can find some cool DIY projects and who doesn't like a good meme to get their day started, but any business can take advantage of the content that freely lives on Pinterest, aka "the fruit."  Here is how you find the fruit and how you share it:


Step 1: Get A Snip.ly Account ASAP

While you'll be sharing other people's content, it's perfectly fine to use Snip.ly to remind those who click just who exactly is sharing this awesome content. If you're a marketing pro, you probably have a funnel and sharing your top funnel content with a Snip.ly link can be beneficial for gaining those desirable new leads. Snip.ly works by taking a link you want to share, adding a call to action to the page and thus getting people to click back to your site. Remember to use a stunning call to action to get those clicks!

Step 2: Welcome to "Pinning"  

First, you'll need to have a Pinterest account.  So, if you're not one of the 100 million Pinterest monthly users, you'll need to do that first. Get started here.  If you need further instructions, click here.  Let me be the first to say... Welcome!

If I haven't already lost you to the endless hours of pinning, let's begin building your content calendar.


Step 3: Calendar Content

Depending on what your business does or sells, first you should create a list of topics you want to cover when sharing content.

1. Search topics in Pinterest

2. Click on the photo twice to follow the link. If you're going to be sharing content, you want to make sure the link is good.

3. Snip the link. Make sure that the call to action you give to your snip is relevant to the content in the link you are sharing.

4. Test the link. 

5. Place the snip, along with the title of the content in your calendar.  Like this:

Getting Started on Pinterest


(You can follow this link to see what the snip will actually look like.)

Step 4: Voila! Content Heaven

You can quickly fill up your content calendar with links from Pinterest. Make sure you follow the Pinterest accounts that you're using for content because you may want to go back to them for more ideas. Plus, the fresh pins that they are pinning will show up in your feed. 

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