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Social Scheduling Isn’t Realistic?  Sure it is.

Jun 10, 2015 Social Media Kristen Baumert

Social Media schedulingHave you ever found yourself sitting there wondering where you’re going to find relevant content to post on your social media today?  If that’s the case, you need to come up with a social schedule ASAP.  Here are some easy ways to plan ahead for social media:

Get yourself a calendar – or two.

How often do you post to your company’s social media?  For each day you’ll want to plan at least that many posts (morning, noon, and evening times are most common).  Most social media platforms contain information on what times your followers are engaging, so choosing those times will be most beneficial. 

Here are some things you may want to include on your calendar:

  • Specific Campaigns
  • Holidays
  • Trending Holidays (Movember, Best Friend Day, etc.)
  • Email Schedule (be in-sync with the rest of your marketing team)
  • Commonly used Hash Tags for your company and/or campaign
  • Promotions
  • Contests

Ask for shareable content.

Do you have blogs or ebooks you can share with your social followers?  Giving them something to share with their own followers allows your content to spread, thus creating more clicks back to your site.  Sharing content from other sources is OK too – that way you aren’t pushing too much of your own content.  Your followers will appreciate fresh content that isn’t always from your own voice.

Different departments in your company are doing different things.  It may be a good idea to get with one responsible person in each department to update you on upcoming events that could be share-worthy.  If your company holds weekly meetings, ask for an invite.

How far ahead should you plan?

Think about how far in advance you’re planning your company emails.  If you’re going to be on the same schedule, keeping up with their content could be beneficial and create less work for you.  Planning ahead for social media can be a challenge, but just make room in your schedule to check on what’s trending for the day.  You may want to add “trending” in that spot to remind yourself.  Remember that trending hash tags and stories are great to use if you can somehow tie them into what you want your followers to see. 

If you’re using a paper calendar, which I prefer, always use a pencil (as someone once pointed out to me) so that you can erase.  Social media is constantly changing, so you’ll need to change things weekly or daily even.  If you’re more tech-y and prefer a software-based calendar, you may want to look into using the calendar that your automation software provides for you or just use your email calendar.  Whatever works for you.

Make the commitment.

Planning ahead for social media is challenging, but it can be done.  It works really well for those busy days when you don’t have time to come up with new content.  Plus, when you plan ahead, your company will look more sophisticated with all of your content flowing into every aspect of marketing.  Getting started is the hardest part because you’ll need to plan ahead several weeks, but after that, you’ll just need to fill in one week following where you left off.

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