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Your Product Configurator Proof-of-Concept Engagement with Aptera

Jun 16, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

Aptera’s Marketing & Development Teams have developed this PoC engagement to help you get an idea of how a configuration tool would work for your company.
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Messenger’s Design App and the Power of Configurators: Aptera Case Study

Jun 9, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

The funeral stationery company Messenger came to Aptera looking to build a web application client companies could use to create designs using their products.
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Software Rockstars? Really?

Jun 2, 2017 Eric Potter

Do you really want your software developers to be rock stars? What's with that term?
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Personalizing Your Customers’ Web Experience with the Sitefinity DEC: Upcoming Webinar by Aptera

May 3, 2017 Dennis Junk

Join our Free webinar and you can increase conversion rates on your website by as much as 70% with personalization tactics tailored to a specific visitors.
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Advanced Strategies for Website Personalization: Aptera & Sitefinity Webinar

Apr 18, 2017 Dennis Junk

Sign up for Aptera's webinar getting down to the details of how to personalize web experiences using advanced CMS tools.
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The Race to Master Agile Marketing: Is It Even Worth Joining?

Mar 24, 2017 digital marketing Dennis Junk

You're probably hearing a lot about Agile Marketing lately. Well, we've tried it. Here's an in-depth look at what works and what doesn't--and what that means.
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What Experienced Scrum Teams Wish They'd Known about User Stories from the Start

Mar 17, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

Turning User Stories into Acceptance Criteria can get tricky fast, even if you're following the scrum framework to a T. Here are some tips that will help.
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Customer Review Workflows Lead to Positive Outcomes for Businesses

Mar 7, 2017 Kristen Baumert

Online Customer Reviews have become important to buying decisions. Here is one way to get more positive reviews and take care of the bad ones at the same time.
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Are You Doing Waterfall Quality Assurance for Your Scrum Software Project?

Mar 6, 2017 Dennis Junk

As more dev teams adopt agile practices, certain parts of QA roles are being taken over by developers and other aspects of their roles are expanding.
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Aptera and Allied Van Lines Win Website of the Year Award for 2016

Mar 2, 2017 Dennis Junk

Aptera and Allied Van Lines Win Website of the Year Award for 2016
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Augmented Reality Faces 2 Obstacles: A Really Hard One and an Easier One

Feb 27, 2017 custom software Dennis Junk

Imagine a tool that builders can use to create 3-D models of the steel-frame buildings they’re constructing. Now, read the article about it.
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The 5 Obstacles on Your Team’s Path to Mastering Scrum

Feb 24, 2017 Dennis Junk

There's no switch you can flip to transition to agile software development. And learning the scrum framework is only the beginning of your journey.
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A Few Mistakes You're Probably Making with Your Scrum Quality Assurance Testing: Tech Club Podcast

Dec 14, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with Quality Assurance Practice Leader Rob Sandoz about some of the most common mistakes scrum teams make when it comes to testing.
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Test-Driven Development and the Importance of Clean Code in Scrum Projects: Tech Club Podcast

Dec 7, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with Scrum expert Jon Fazzaro about the role of Test-Driven Development in writing clean code.
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Redesigning your website? Here Are 2 Things You Can Expect to Go Wrong

Dec 6, 2016 Dennis Junk

Most companies plan at least 3 months for their website's redesign and the result is typically an under performing launch. That's where agile approach comes in.
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Lead-Generation vs. Audience-Building in Content Marketing: Tech Club Podcast

Nov 30, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with Content Strategist Dennis Junk about some of the downsides of overemphasizing lead-generation to the detriment of audience building.
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Scrum for Marketing Project Management?: Tech Club Podcast

Nov 23, 2016 digital marketing Dennis Junk

Can marketing be agile? Digital Marketing Project Manager Laura Larkin discusses agile methodologies with Software Architect and Scrum expert Jon Fazzaro.
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Ash Brokerage and Aptera Software Partner for First Annual Ft. Wayne Software Development Conference

Nov 23, 2016 custom software Laura Larkin

Ash Brokerage and Aptera Software hosted the very first Fort Wayne Software Development Conference on November 17th at the Ash Brokerage Building in Downtown Fort Wayne.
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Aptera Spotlight: Software Architect and Musician Jon Fazzaro

Nov 23, 2016 custom software Hillary Wood

Software architect Fazzaro was taking an agile approach to writing and recording music, long before he began applying it to software development. Here's how.
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Do you Still Need to Create Buyer Personas if You're Using the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud?

Nov 21, 2016 Dennis Junk

Buyer personas are vital to understanding potential customers. Understanding Sitefinity's Digital Experience Cloud & its features will enhance user experience.
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Choosing the Best Visitor-Tracking and Personalization Technology for Your Website

Nov 15, 2016 Laura Larkin

Here are some of the best visitor tracking products, offering smart CTAs, geolocation prompts, site visitor tracking ... and how to choose the right one for you
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Through the Social Media Rabbit Hole into the Inbound Marketing Funnel: Tech Club Podcast

Nov 9, 2016 Dennis Junk

James recounts his buyer's journey all the way through the inbound marketing funnel, beginning on Google, moving to social media, and ending with a purchase.
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The Deadly Seriousness of Posting Fun Stuff on Social Media: Tech Club Podcast

Nov 2, 2016 Dennis Junk

Interview with Digital Marketing Consultant and Social Media Expert Kristen Baumert on the multitude of moving parts that go into a social media strategy.
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Sitefinity DEC Persona Templates and Action Plan

Oct 28, 2016 Dennis Junk

Downloadable e-book with templates and instructions on how to create your own buyer personas for the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.
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Web Design and User Experience Enter the Age of Agile: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 26, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with Graphic Design guy Joe Beste about the Midwest UX Conference and what some of the latest developments are web design and user experience.
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The Evolving Client-Consultant Relationship in the IT Industry: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 19, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with a real-life tech consultant, Scott Walsh, about how he earns trust, and why ongoing partnerships benefit both clients and consultancies.
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Dynamic and Data-Driven Buyer Personas for Your Website [2-Part Webinar]

Oct 13, 2016 Dennis Junk

Buyer Personas, no matter how much research you do, are little more than guesses. But new technologies use tracking data to optimize both UX and conversions.
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Smarketing by Any Other Name: How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Efforts: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 12, 2016 Dennis Junk

A conversation with former sales guy and current marketing consultant Derek Laliberte on why sales and marketing should be working much more closely together.
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Digital Marketing, the Next Frontier for Business Intelligence: Tech Club Podcast

Oct 6, 2016 Business Intelligence digital marketing Dennis Junk

An interview with Aptera's Business Intelligence Practice Leader Aaron Crouch about how BI has transformed over time and how it's now being used by marketers.
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Project Management in Marketing vs Project Management in IT: Tech Club Podcast

Sep 29, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with Content Production Manager Laura Larkin and Project Manager James Swihart on the similarities and differences between the two project types.
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Why QA Is Such a Fundamental Part of Agile Software Development: Tech Club Podcast

Sep 26, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with QA Practice Leader Rob Sandoz about how Quality Assurance is evolving in the age of agile software development
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Web Development Goes Agile with Results-Driven Design: Tech Club Podcast

Aug 26, 2016 Dennis Junk

Results-Driven Design applies the principles of agile methodologies like Scrum to web development. Here's our interview with an RDD practitioner.
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Sitefinity DEC Personas vs Inbound Personas: Tech Club Podcast

Aug 3, 2016 Dennis Junk

An interview with Senior Web Developer Jon Read about personas in the Sitefinity DEC and how they compare to inbound Buyer Personas.
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The Internet of (Too Many?) Things: Tech Club Podcast

Jun 20, 2016 Dennis Junk

Connected devices are awesome. But how many notifications do you want a day? IoT in manufacturing is exciting, but in our personal lives it can be distracting.
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Team Learning as Team Building

Jun 17, 2016 Eric Potter

You can learn a lot by attending industry conferences. But what you learn often goes beyond industry topics.
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Nintex and the Workflow Automation Sweet Spot: Tech Club Podcast

May 10, 2016 Dennis Junk

For the Tech Club Podcast this week, we interview Senior Consultant Scott Walsh about Nintex and workflow automation.
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How Business Intelligence Is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

May 4, 2016 Business Intelligence Aaron Crouch

Analytics and Reporting tools can deliver answers to questions you never considered asking.
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Why Bigger Data Isn't as Important as Better Data

May 2, 2016 Aaron Crouch

If you put bad data into good analytical tools, you'll never wind up with reliable results.
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Manufacturing Business Intelligence Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Apr 27, 2016 Business Intelligence Aaron Crouch

Here are the ways that business intelligence analytics will shake up manufacturing from 2016 through the end of the decade.
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Have You Been Defining Project Success Incorrectly?

Apr 26, 2016 James Mitchell

In Project Management for Agile development, you have to define "done" or "complete" as successfully meeting the original goals of the engagement.
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The 5 Main Reasons Reporting and Analytics Projects Go Wrong

Apr 26, 2016 Aaron Crouch

Can you get everything data analytics promise? Only if you avoid these Big Data and Business Intelligence pitfalls.
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How the Project Management Lifecycle for Custom Software Development Is Like Dating: Tech Club Podcast

Apr 18, 2016 Dennis Junk

There's that first call, which is a lot like a blind date. And then there are all the other parallels between dating and project management.
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3 Ways Businesses Are Using Big Data to Improve Their Marketing

Apr 15, 2016 Aaron Eisberg

Big data isn't easy to master, and it takes a little time to get your analytics fine-tuned to produce a strong ROI.
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Common Arguments Against Big Data

Apr 11, 2016 Aaron Crouch

Big Data ain't for everybody--but that doesn't mean you can safely ignore it.
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The Top 5 Big Data Analytics Challenges Facing Big Business

Apr 7, 2016 Aaron Crouch

Big data analytics holds so much promise, nearly every company wants to own the technology. But here are some things to consider first.
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Customer Satisfaction: Reality or Illusion?

Apr 5, 2016 James Mitchell

How is project management like a magic show? One is making the impossible seemingly real. The other is making the seemingly impossible actually real.
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4 Ways a Managed Service Provider Protects Your Network

Mar 31, 2016 Aaron Eisberg

Most businesses can hand network monitoring over to a managed service provider that is trained and informed in the latest threats that are out there.
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7 Questions to Ask a Potential Managed Services Partner

Mar 29, 2016 Dave Hall

Here are the questions that will get you the information you need to know before choosing an MSP.
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What It's Like Being a Client for Agile Custom Software Development Projects: Tech Club Podcast

Mar 28, 2016 custom software Dennis Junk

In this week's Tech Club Podcast, a Scrum expert tells us what you should expect working with a software development team using an agile methodology.
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How to Determine ROI for Workflow Automation: New E-book

Mar 25, 2016 SharePoint Dennis Junk

Our new e-book walks you step-by-step through calculating the figures to plug into an ROI formula for a process automation tool like Nintex.
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How Managed Services Can Complement Your Cloud Strategy

Mar 23, 2016 Cloud Dave Hall

You don't have to be in the cloud to use managed services. But there are some really good ways to use them together.
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6 Signs It's Time to Partner with A Managed Services Provider

Mar 21, 2016 Dave Hall

Here are the signs that you need a managed services provider in your IT arsenal.
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5 Business Intelligence Mistakes that Are Hurting Your Manufacturing Company

Mar 18, 2016 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Manufacturers are finally starting to see the value of Business Intelligence. But why did it take them so long?
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4 Arguments for Outsourcing Department Functions

Mar 16, 2016 Susan Payton

The fact is, outsourcing certain functions has tremendous benefits to an organization.
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When Managed IT Services Are a Good Idea--and When They're Not

Mar 14, 2016 Aaron Eisberg

In what circumstances might you consider partnering with an MSP? It depends on what your goals are for Managed Services.
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What Happens to Your Current IT Staff when You Sign up for Managed Services?

Mar 11, 2016 Dennis Junk

15 years ago, Managed Services and IT Outsourcing meant layoffs and tech support from guys with thick accents. They mean something quite different today.
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Does Using Managed IT Services Really Save Money?

Feb 26, 2016 Dennis Junk

Managed Services Providers can be more efficient doing the types of things every company needs to do, letting you focus on doing what nobody else is doing.
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What Are the Different Levels of Managed Services?

Feb 25, 2016 Dave Hall

Managed services can take over some of the mundane tasks like user support, which takes up a lot of IT's time and energy.
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How Well Do You Know Your Infrastructure?

Feb 18, 2016 Cloud Dave Hall

Is your business at risk of a hardware failure or security breach? Answering these questions will help you see how safe your infrastructure really is.
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What Is Managed Services?

Feb 17, 2016 Dave Hall

Managed Services is basically hiring an outside firm to proactively monitor your IT environment. But there's more to it than that.
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What's New with Nintex?

Feb 12, 2016 SharePoint Grant Harmeyer

Forrester found that the average ROI for Nintex after 3 years is 176%. It works so well Microsoft is phasing out InfoPath. Here's how it's getting better.
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Incorporating Technical Analysis into Business Planning for Nintex Workflow Projects

Feb 9, 2016 Scott Walsh

Scott Walsh walks us through a planning process developed over several Nintex workflow projects to balance technical with business aspects.
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What Is Bimodal IT and What Does It Actually Look like in Practice?

Feb 5, 2016 Cloud Dennis Junk

The cloud is decentralizing business IT, and proliferating tasks makes it harder to focus on innovating. Do you outsource or split your IT in two?
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How to Use IT Outsourcing and Managed Services Strategically

Jan 28, 2016 Dennis Junk

How can you keep your competitive edge through ongoing technical innovation after you've turned your IT over to a Managed Services Provider?
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The 5 Places Dangers May Be Lurking in Your Business IT

Jan 25, 2016 Dennis Junk

Some businesses hire Managed Services Providers to monitor their network and infrastructure. For everyone else, here's what you should keep an eye on.
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The retrospective is the heartbeat of the project

Jan 21, 2016 custom software Jon Fazzaro

The temptation to skip over the retrospective at the end of each sprint in a custom software project is strong. Should you resist it?
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How to Create Workflows in Office 365

Jan 14, 2016 SharePoint Scott Walsh

Many of the functions familiar to SharePoint users are available in Office 365. Here's how to set up workflows in the cloud.
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Let the RFP Die Already: How to Recruit a Custom Software Vendor

Dec 22, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Lists of requirements just don't capture the creative complexity of custom software development projects. What does this mean for RFPs?
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The 4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in SharePoint Migrations

Dec 4, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

Time to upgrade to a new version? Thinking about moving to the cloud? Watch out for these common SharePoint migration pitfalls.
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Should Custom Software Developers Be Generalists or a Specialists?

Nov 23, 2015 custom software Eric Potter

Before you can lay out a path to becoming a better custom software developer, you need to understand the multidimensional nature of your toolkit.
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How Forward-Thinking Businesses Deal with Data Integration

Oct 30, 2015 Dennis Junk

Is Data Integration something you take on separately for each project? You may be setting yourself up for trouble down the road.
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How Retail Businesses Are Using Business Intelligence

Oct 27, 2015 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Want to get a good sense of what Analytics and Reporting technology can do for your sales? Check out how these retail companies are using BI.
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How Real Businesses Are Using SharePoint

Oct 26, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

You could probably be getting a lot more out of your SharePoint investment. Check out what other businesses are doing with theirs.
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How Businesses Are Using BizTalk and Other Integration Technologies

Oct 15, 2015 Dennis Junk

Data integration is a pretty abstract category. Here are some concrete ways real businesses are using tools like BizTalk.
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5 “Surprises” That Come Up in Every Custom Software Project

Sep 29, 2015 custom software Dennis Junk

Every custom software development project is different... but maybe not THAT different. Here are some things you can safely expect.
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Big Data vs Traditional Approaches to Enterprise Reporting

Sep 18, 2015 Business Intelligence Dennis Junk

Big Data is all the rage. But how are businesses incorporating it into their overall Business Intelligence strategies?
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Exchanging Healthcare Claims Digitally with Data Integration Tools

Aug 28, 2015 Dennis Junk

Data Integration tools like Cloverleaf and BizTalk make nearly any information transfer much simplier, including healthcare claims.
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How to Get the Least Value from Your SharePoint Partner

Aug 27, 2015 Dennis Junk

You need to have a close working relationship with your SharePoint experts to get the best ROI. But how can you trust them?
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The 3 Most Critical Pieces of a SharePoint User Adoption Plan

Aug 17, 2015 Dennis Junk

We've put together in-depth descriptions of how to improve SharePoint user adoption. Here we distill it all into 3 main focus areas.
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Power BI, Tableau, and the Shift to Self-Service Business Intelligence

Aug 12, 2015 Dennis Junk

Do tools like Power BI and Tableau really let you do Business Intelligence without any help from IT?
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Getting Your Arms around a Cost Plan for SharePoint

Jul 29, 2015 Grant Harmeyer

You need to examine a few key factors before coming up with a SharePoint cost plan. An often overlooked one is license enforcement.
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How Much Does SharePoint Cost?

Jul 10, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

SharePoint professionals chime in on how much it costs to implement this widely-used collaboration tool and intranet solution.
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8 Steps To Successful SharePoint User Adoption [Infographic]

Jul 1, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

We get lots of questions about SharePoint user adoption. So we put together an infographic covering the key principles.
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How Digital Asset Management Software Drives the Entertainment Industry

May 8, 2015 Rich Zuris

How do businesses in the entertainment industry store, secure, and share multimedia files? Increasingly, it's with Digital Asset Management software.
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Nintex Announces New Features to Workflow and Mobile Form Tools

May 6, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

You have to see how easy Nintex makes it to create workflows and mobile forms to believe it. And now Nintex is adding even more features.
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Does SharePoint Have a Future?

Apr 1, 2015 SharePoint Scott Walsh

Is anyone building on-premises SharePoint solutions these days? Will they be doing it in ten years?
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Is Corporate Intranet Dead?

Mar 24, 2015 SharePoint Dennis Junk

How much longer will companies still be setting up portals to document caches on platforms like SharePoint?
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