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Using Instagram on the Job One Build at a Time

Dec 2, 2015 Social Media Kristen Baumert

Instagram-on-Job-LocationEvery home builder has a job. That job is to deliver a time-managed project to a client. Whether it be a brand new home or an addition to an existing one, as a builder you have the opportunity to showcase your work on social media. 

Instagram is the perfect platform to do just that. Capturing the work you do in a photo step-by-step or at certain stopping points within the job itself can make for some pretty interesting content. Plus, the photos you take along your building journey could be the ticket to getting a referral all on your own.

Here Are Some Tips:

  • Always get in the habit of taking photos during the building process. We know you are on a deadline, but these photos could convince someone else that the work you do is worth contacting you for. There are crucial points you can make during the process of building something that you may want to share with consumers. These could be simple things that you do during the build that ensure safety, reliablility, and in the end, a solid product.
  • Research Hash Tags. I mean, REALLY research them because the right hash tags could reach new people and help you gain more followers. Some tools you can use to research what hash tags are used the most are Hashtags.orgHashTrackingWebsta, or Iconosquare. Be aware that over-using hash tags is a thing, but a few researched ones that your brand will use consistently help to categorize your photos within Instagram.
  • Use branded hash tags. These hash tags will give your consumers a distinct hash tag to use for branding photos they may want to upload.  
  • Use lifestyle or trending hash tags. Lifestyle hash tags are those that are used every single day. These are generally common words or adjectives. Trends come and go, so being aware of what is trending for the day because those photos have a bigger opportunity to be seen by others.
  • Add video! The cool thing about Instagram is that it has the ability to share a 3-15 second video with your followers. Try recording a quick how-to video, a DIY, or a building tip. 
  • Stick with your brand's message. Define what it is that you want to show to consumers that will show off the work that you do.  Be thoughtful with what you are putting out there for the world to see.
  • Be responsive. If a follower or fan comments, be sure to answer right away.
  • Embed your photos on your website. Fans of your brand will be able to see what you've been uploading directly from your website and they can also see your photos or videos directly on the product pages. Here is how you can add the code to your website.
  • Use filters, cool angles and lighting to add some authenticity to your photos.
  • If you are building something new, launch it on Instagram!
  • Partner up with other brands. As a builder, you are always working with other home improvement companies. Add them to your photos to get even more exposure through fans of their brand.
  • Ask followers to "Caption This" when you have a fun photo to share. This will get your followers to comment on your photos.
  • Be sure to post consisitently. Determine how many you want to add per week and stick to that number. Choosing a specific time that your followers are most likely to comment or like your photos will also help your photos to be seen more regularly.
  • Monitor your posts. If a certain type of photo gets noticed more, be sure to post those types of photos to get more engagement.

Why Is Instagram a Great Marketing Tool?

Instagram is fiercly growing as a marketing tool for brands. Now, more than ever, marketing your brand in a number of ways on Instagram such as photos, videos, branded hash tags, and advertisements are a must-do for every business. Builders have a great opportuinity to showcase the beauty of their work in this app because it is so visually-centered. Gaining followers on Instagram could land you leads, loyalty to your brand, greater brand awareness or reach, and the opportunity to show off some of the work your company does every day.

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