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Agile Development

Agile Is Not Hard-Coded

by Jon Fazzaro
on February 3, 2015

Agile_as_a_MindsetAgile. It's right there in the name. And yet, it could be the most overlooked thing in plain sight for your team, sprint after sprint.

Both nerds and those charged with herding them look to Agile prescriptions like Scrum or Kanban to solve their problems. Months or years wasted on a project that never delivers any value. Disengaged teams that point fingers and sling tickets over walls. A product that is wrong or irrelevant by the time it sees the light of day. Yes, Virginia, Agile can make these monsters go away.

But only if you let go of it.

In a world where your next move is dictated by a rigid process framework that management three levels above your pay grade has signed off on, it's easy to see where Agile breaks down. After all, it's just another process.

If, however, it is understood to be a mindset instead, one where the process itself is measured and tweaked by the team every two weeks to suit the work, an agile approach can drive the continuous delivery of value, up everyone's communication game, and foster the engagement of every member of the team.

Agile is not a hard-coded process. It is a mindset and a tool set that can help a team to deliver a valuable product, early and often. As soon as it is a process etched in stone for every team across the company, it ceases to be agile. And it ceases to be different from any other process that your company has been sold.

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Jon Fazzaro
Jon took this whole nerd thing pro well over a decade ago and has been slinging code with Aptera since 2008. He holds an MCSD, a PSM, a PSD, a PSPO, and is a BMF besides. These days, he may or may not be unhealthily consumed with building sustainable software, and with building teams that build sustainable software. Whatever you do, don’t follow @jonfazzaro on Twitter.
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