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Ash Brokerage and Aptera Software Partner for First Annual Ft. Wayne Software Development Conference

by Laura Larkin
on November 23, 2016

Aptera DevCon image1.jpgAsh Brokerage and Aptera Marketing and Technology sponsored the first annual Software Development Conference, “DevCon,” at the brand-new Ash Brokerage building in downtown Fort Wayne. They invited key players in the Fort Wayne manufacturing, software, education, and technology fields to collaborate on the newest software developments and virtual reality trends. In addition to presentations from Ash and Aptera representatives, demos were offered on a variety of software platforms, including video and live demonstrations of the Microsoft HoloLens and the HTC Vive.

“We are technology companies. It’s good for us to partner like this. This [Ash] building is a commitment to our community and with that comes a responsibility to cultivate and retain tech talent within the Fort Wayne market. I want people to come to this city for a career, and a lot of that starts with us beginning a strong tech community,” said Dr. David Threm, CIO at Ash Brokerage.

Recap video

“Aptera has been located in downtown Fort Wayne for 8 years now. It’s amazing the growth we’ve seen in this community. As a software and technology-based company, we want to foster education and growth to keep increasing the number of talented people we bring to this city and to companies like Ash and Aptera,” said TK Herman, co-founder of Aptera.

The event also debuted a recently-developed Tech Radar, a culmination of Aptera’s review and testing of new languages and methodologies within the software field. Presentations were organized into two breakout tracks with keynote speakers at each, focused on either “Managers” or “Geeks.”

The photos from this slideshow are available here.

The Managers' track focused on Building Elite Development Teams (feat. Jon Fazzaro & Scott Wash, Aptera), the Business Aspect of Agile Development (feat. C. Ray Harvey, Aptera), Security Integrations (Nathan Buuck, Aptera), and a Virtual Strategy Session with a video presentation of the HoloLens (Matt Noggle, Aptera).

The Geek track offered newest trends in the software world, such as an Introduction to ASP.Net core (Eric Potter, Aptera), Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin (Adam Hockemeyer, Ash Brokerage), and Discovering Docker (John Gomes, Aptera).

View full speaker biographies and session abstracts here

After the breakout sessions, attendees were invited for dinner and drinks and a follow-up live demo of the HoloLens and the HTC Vive. Attendees were given the opportunity to sample the device and speak with Aptera and Ash representatives on current issues and trends.

DevCon VR image.jpg
Aptera Software Developer AJ Karnitis helps Ivy Tech University Software student demo the Microsoft HoloLens during DevCon 2016.

The event was followed closely by social media representatives using the hashtag #FWDevCon. Attendees included delegates from local universities such as St. Francis, Ivy tech, and Indiana Tech as well as agents from Fort Wayne Metals, Franklin Electric, Steel Dynamics and Nucor. 

About the Aptera Technology Radar

Aptera’s development team is constantly seeking new ways to make our solutions more innovative and efficient. We wanted to easily show where we fit the advances in software development into our daily practices and procedures; so we created the technology radar. The technology radar is a culmination of our development team's experience with new languages, tools, patterns, and processes. The radar constantly changes, however we've "frozen" the version from early November for you in this handout. When you view the radar online, you can click on each of the circles to see a summary, links to related resources, research info, ROI, pros/cons, and more.  

You can preview the live version at: http://www.apterainc.com/TechRadar

About Ash Brokerage 

Ash Brokerage is the largest privately owned insurance brokerage general agency in the United States. Serving financial professionals across the country, it offers support and access to a portfolio of solutions for life insurance, annuities, long-term care and disability income. Jim Ash founded the company in 1971, and it has maintained its headquarters in Fort Wayne ever since.

About Aptera 

Founded in 2003 and proudly headquartered in downtown Fort Wayne since 2008, Aptera provides clients a unique set of services that combine digital marketing knowledge with deep technology expertise.  These services allow our clients to execute digital sales and marketing initiatives that drive growth, increase revenue and provide measurable ROI.  Our process (Results Driven Design) leverages the best aspects of the agile development methodology and data analytics to help our clients implement online tactics that are data-driven and adaptive. Download The 6 Qualities of Successful Scrum Teams

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