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Social Media

Demographics and Buyer Personas Will Up Your Social Content Engagement

by Kristen Baumert
on June 22, 2015

Buyer Personas and Social MediaWe are all small fish in this big sea of social media content, but how do we get the big fish to bite?  If you're creating some really good content and nobody is clicking, maybe it’s time to rethink your social media strategy.  Step one is knowing who your target audience is.  Are you sending the right content to the right people?

So who are these people on social media?  Is Twitter the right fit for your business or is Facebook?  You need to find out who your buyer personas are before you can even begin to cast your line out into the sea.  If you need help finding out who these people might be so your business can easily target them with specific content, HubSpot has a great how-to with a free download.    

IG Market

According to Business Insider, over 90% of the 150 million Instagram users are under the age of 35.  This is great for many brands focusing on this younger market. Facebook, who purchased Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, just announced that they will be supercharging their ads and merging Facebook and Instagram's advertising capabilities.  This means advertisers who are already one of the 300 million Facebook users will now be able to easily purchase ads on Instagram within the interface.  This could mean higher ad prices, but also more conversions for you.

The Tweeters

If you are branding toward college-aged adults, you may want to consider the fact that there are plenty of fish in this sea.  According to Sprout Social, 37% of adults between the ages of 18-29 are using Twitter and 25% of adults between ages 30-49 are also tweeting.  The large jump in the 30+ could be because Twitter is going towards more of a business platform.  If the buyer persona you seek is a recent college graduate, advertising on Twitter may be your best bait.  

Facebook Likers

Are you seeking the masses of the 25 and above?  You'll find them on Facebook.  According to International Business Times, the average age of Facebook users drastically plummeted for young adults and teens in 2014.  However, these staggering statistics caught my attention:  Ages 55+ grew 80.4%, 34-55 was up 41.4% and 25-34 was also up at 32.6%.  Let's also take into account that the male population grew 10.1% more than females last year.  

Relevant Content = Better Results

After knowing who your buyer personas are, you'll be ready to hit target audiences with better content, and thus getting the "likes" and "retweets" you desire.  Advertising will now go specifically to those targeted age groups and demographics to get you better results and turn those CTAs (call to actions) into more conversions.  

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Kristen Baumert
Kristen is a HubSpot certified marketing consultant specializing in social media. She has a BA from Ball State where she studied art, English, and journalism. Her true passion is social media marketing.
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