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Home Builders: 6 Ways to Use UGC to Improve Your ROI

by Kristen Baumert
on December 10, 2015


Fan-content-photosThe value of showing ROI to business leaders is an important factor in strategic decisions when it comes to a company's growth. So, how do you show ROI when it comes to social media? Sure, you can show clicks, shares, and likes, but what about the exposure you receive from fan content?

Using fan-generated content literally costs you nothing, so generating ROI from anything your customers are sharing about you on social media can be the best gift of all. This content will generate ROI in different ways, but it requires little or no work for your marketing team. For permission use this UGC or user generated content, Piqora suggests that you add this statement to your social media account or the the landing page hosting your contest rules: “by using this #brandedhashtag you agree to our Terms Of Service and allow us as a brand to use the photo.”

Here are 6 ways you can use it to your advantage and how it can help future customers choose you when it comes to building their new homes:

1. Rewards

A reward for a fan sharing content generally motivates people. Ask your fans to share content for a chance to receive a giveaway. Adding a giveaway to your campaign is a great way to get people to take action. As a home builder, you can ask your fans to show off a custom build you did for them. Let them express pride in their new home and this will give positive vibes to your fans who are thinking about building in the future. A great way to track fan content is to add a hash tag to your giveaway. You will want the hash tag to be unique to create brand awareness. Also, you will want to build a landing page on your website with all the rules of your contest. Looking into the future, fans who see these custom builder photos are more likely to choose you when it comes to building their new homes, thus more clicks to your website. 

2. Celebrate A Build

How are your clients celebrating their new homes? Are they decorating, painting, adding a personal touch... all of these things are great ideas for fan content. Again, ask them to add a hash tag to track your customers photos that you often use for your brand (best practice is just to use your brand name). To get more fans to participate, ask them to vote on which home they like the best. These voters are more likely to end up on your website out of curiousity.

3. Lifestyle Photos

Ask your customers to share lifestyle photos that share how they are enjoying their new homes. Are they throwing a BBQ in the backyard, hosting a garden party, recording a cooking show in their own kitchen, or any other activity they like to do in the comfort of their new homes, built by you. Create a unique hash tag for this as well that will bring awareness to the contest theme. Always be clear on which hash tag they should use to share the photo. The brand exposure will bring you more awareness to your business pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and accounts on certain apps like Instagram.

4. Stream It On Your Website

If you have an Instagram account, you can add user-generated content to your site. These photos can be easily tracked in a CRM system like Piqora and Curalate and added to a stream that shows directly on your website. When people click on a link to visit your site, they can then visually see some of the builds you've done for your customers. This can be very assuring to potential customers and they may be more likely to choose you when they see photos submitted by previous happy customers. 

5. Share Photos on Pinterest

Oftentimes, Pinterest gets a bad rap. Most people believe that Pinterest is all about sharing recipes for the Susie Homemaker-types of the world. That's just not the case. Sharing photos and encouraging your customers to share photos on Pinterest can get you some really great exposure. Just ask your customer to link the photo back your website, preferably to a landing page that tells the website visitor more about you. Those who are on Pinterest will tell you, it's a place where you gather thoughts and ideas on special projects, like home building. When someone "pins" your photo to their board they're likely to click the link when they go to plan their home build and ultimately could end up becoming a customer.

6. Use UGC for Website Product Photos

A unique way to get some images for your website is to use fan content. Showing your home photos from real customers can make your brand look trustworthy. It gives a sense of social proof as well. In a study done by Nielsen, it was found that ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family. That's huge! 

The whole point of social media is to share. This includes photos, reviews, and comments on business pages. Ignoring those could be catastrophic to your online presence. Why not take advantage of this content and use it for the betterment of your business!

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Kristen Baumert
Kristen is a HubSpot certified marketing consultant specializing in social media. She has a BA from Ball State where she studied art, English, and journalism. Her true passion is social media marketing.
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