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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Leads Made Easy With Social Media Landing Pages

by Kristen Baumert
on July 1, 2015

Leads from social media landing pages

Are you wondering how you can capture some leads from your inbound marketing?  You can do that easily with a landing page and some fresh social content.  Part of your marketing strategy for social media should implement landing pages to capture your very best leads (those who already follow your brand).


What to Consider

There are different types of landing pages. For one, there’s an ecommerce page to sell something, but there are also different ways to gain leads.  These include:  registering for a newsletter, signing up for the notification of future products or blogs, registering for a webinar or podcast, and swapping info for an e-book or infographic.  All of these are typical landing pages, but could be used within social media as well. 

Social media landing pages must contain these things:

  1. Sharing capabilities. Remember from kindergarten, sharing is caring.  RULE OF THUMB is to ask for social sharing at the confirmation or thank you page and in my own opinion, not in a pop-up ad because those can be annoying.
  2. Social proof to gain trust with indicators such as widgets, counters, or simply adding the Google +1 Button may boost you in search results pages.
  3. Be sure that the landing page mirrors the look of your advertising and content so it’s not confusing. If customers are clicking on something that leads to another page entirely different looking, it could scare them away.    

Who is your audience? Know your buyer personas before you start building your landing pages and cater to those types of people.

A/B Testing: Try two different forms to see what gains you the most leads.  Then in future campaigns, you will know what works best for your customers.

Use your Facebook tabs to make the landing page available to anyone who visits your business page.

LP Checklist

  • Do all of your ads and the landing page look alike and carry the same message?
  • Keep it simple with plain text that is easy to understand or add a simple how-to video to give directions.
  • Only ask for a few key pieces of information. Don’t ask for someone’s life story, just for exactly what you will need for the campaign to be successful.    
  • Is there an offer? There should be an incentive.  If you’re promising something in your ad and they get to the landing page and see something different, it may result in a lack of trust between your brand and your potential customer.  Make your offer clear and use concise wording with a call to action.
  • Say thank you. Don’t forget that thank you page at the end!
  • Tracking URLs. If you don’t track your links, you won’t know how many people are clicking.  If you see that many are clicking, but not filling out the form, it could mean that your message is not clear and you will miss the opportunity to fix it.  Hubspot has a great how-to for creating these URLs.

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Kristen Baumert
Kristen is a HubSpot certified marketing consultant specializing in social media. She has a BA from Ball State where she studied art, English, and journalism. Her true passion is social media marketing.
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