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Personalizing Your Customers’ Web Experience with the Sitefinity DEC: Upcoming Webinar by Aptera

by Dennis Junk
on May 3, 2017

Advanced Strategies for Website Personalization

You can increase conversion rates on your website by as much as 42% with a personalization tactic as simple as displaying a “smart CTA,” which is a call-to-action tailored to a specific category of visitors. This is just one of the ways that web personalization strategies lead to an average increase in sales of about 19%.

Not surprisingly, 94% of marketers in a recent survey believe that personalization is a critical element of their strategies. What is surprising, however, is that only 4% of the respondents said their websites currently give visitors a “very” personalized experience. The reasons they gave for this were mostly split between “IT roadblocks” (47%) and “legacy technology” (46%).

In other words, these companies know they should implement a personalization strategy, but they don’t have the technology to do it.

If you’re one of these companies looking for a way to implement a personalization strategy, you have the option of upgrading to a new CMS. But you may be able to take advantage of the existing tools your current CMS gives you access to.

In the upcoming webinar hosted by Aptera,

  • You’ll have an opportunity to see what an advanced personalization strategy based on Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud would look like in action.
  • You’ll learn how to get started segmenting your audiences, and you’ll find out how the DEC helps you respond to the signals your website’s visitors are sending, so you can offer them a continuously improving experience—increasing conversions in the process.
  • You’ll be guided through the process of determining which touchpoints to track for each of your personas, using your own Web Personalization Worksheet.

Advanced Strategies for Website Personalization Webinar

An Agile Approach to Personalization with the Digital Experience Cloud

Figuring out who your customers are and what they’re looking for when they come to your website is a basic part of any online strategy. No matter how much research you do, though, you can’t ever be sure you’re not aiming wide of the mark. Tools like the DEC allow you to constantly refine and update your personas using data about real behavior, along with machine learning algorithms.

The most effective process of continuously improving your customers’ web experiences using behavior tracking and scoring data relies on principles emerging from agile software development. Instead of taking on huge projects all at once, agile teams break them down and tackle them in shorter, more manageable iterations.

Each of these iterations culminates in an opportunity for the users to provide feedback, which is in turn used to refine and reprioritize the overall roadmap for the project. Of course, web developers can’t rely on this kind of direct user feedback, because the users are potential customers visiting the site. So, agile marketers instead turn to the type of behavior tracking data they can get from a platform like the DEC.

Agile web design follows a process much like the scientific method. You generate a hypothesis based on your research and on data from previous iterations. The hypothesis guides the design of whatever feature you’re focusing on. And then you run the experiment to see how well the feature fares. As in agile software development then, you’re using feedback to hone your design and continuously looking for opportunities to improve the results. If you’re ready to learn about agile strategies for advanced personalization using the Sitefinity DEC, reserve your spot today.



Dennis Junk
I'm Aptera's Content Strategist. I've been writing about tech and marketing for 5 years and have certifications from HubSpot and The Content Marketing Institute. A big science and literature geek, I taught college rhetoric and composition while I was still busy going to school for way too long, earning bachelor's degrees in anthropology and psychology, along with a master's in British and American literature. Look me up on LinkedIn.
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