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Smarketing by Any Other Name: How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Efforts: Tech Club Podcast

by Dennis Junk
on October 12, 2016

smarketing-sales-and-marketing-alignmentIf your sales and marketing departments are like most, they may get along well enough, but they probably don’t work together very well at all. Marketing is always complaining about how sales never does proper follow-up with leads. Sales is always complaining about how terrible most of the leads they get from marketing are. You’d almost think they were working at cross purposes.

For this week’s Tech Club, the Swi-Guy and I talk to Marketing Consultant, and former Business Development Manager, Derek Laliberte about why breaking sales and marketing teams out of their individual silos is so effective. The ultimate goal for both teams is to increase the number of closed deals for your company, so instead of pitting them against each other, you want to see them working together. Derek gives us an idea of what that looks like in practice.

He walks us through answers to questions like:

  • Where the term smarketing came from and why we don’t much like it
  • What Derek brings to marketing from his experience as a highly successful sales guy
  • How he discovered that he loved marketing and how he realized they’re flipsides of the same coin
  • What role each plays in the process from original market research to closed sale and beyond
  • How difficult it is to learn how to use metrics and analytics to inform smarketing strategies
  • What role a good CRM platform can play in syncing efforts between the sales and marketing teams
  • How close collaboration between the teams can result in something as basic as a better targeted premium content offer
  • What the teams can do to improve the chances that an initial call will be successful
  • Why it’s important to share helpful information, and not simply hound people hoping to get them to buy
  • What some of the first steps to aligning your sales and marketing teams should be
  • An example case of how a salesperson can work with a marketer to develop more effective strategies (in this case by developing better buyer personas)
  • Which group tends to be the most resistant to efforts at alignment
  • What some of the hardest things are for salespeople to wrap their minds around to learn about marketing

Derek is much loved at Aptera, so there was a lot of excitement around the office when he came back and joined the marketing team. I admit I was skeptical at first, but now I can attest he’s already making valuable contributions. He’s also a big goofball who’s just really fun to work with. Listen in and see for yourself.

Did we miss a question you were hoping we’d answer? Drop us a line at techclub@apterainc.com. We’ll see if we can’t squeeze it into a future episode.  

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Dennis Junk
I'm Aptera's Content Strategist. I've been writing about tech and marketing for 5 years and have certifications from HubSpot and The Content Marketing Institute. A big science and literature geek, I taught college rhetoric and composition while I was still busy going to school for way too long, earning bachelor's degrees in anthropology and psychology, along with a master's in British and American literature. Look me up on LinkedIn.
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