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Snowden E-mails Reveal He's The James Bond of The Internet Generation

by Alex Jonathan Brown
on October 14, 2014

Edward SnowdenLet's start this blog off with a couple disclaimers. First, the thing I'm writing about is pretty much just a marketing effort for an upcoming documentary. (Neither Aptera nor I are getting any money for this blog post, though.) Second, it's not exactly the sort of thing we generally write about here. Now, with that out of the way, let's talk about how Edward Snowden is the James Bond of our generation.

New e-mails from Snowden to filmmaker Laura Poitras were released yesterday by Wired and they're ridiculously compelling. These e-mails aren't about the details of the NSA surveillance program - they're about the logistics of revealing those details. The e-mails include Snowden's early contact with Poitras in the lead up to Snowden's leaking encrypted archives of information about the NSA, and they read like the sort of text you'd see in a block quote in a spy novel.

From now on, know that every border you cross, every purchase you make, every call you dial, every cell phone tower you pass, friend you keep, article you write, site you visit, subject line you type, and packet you route, is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not. Your victimization by the NSA system means that you are well aware of the threat that unrestricted, secret abilities pose for democracies. This is a story that few but you can tell.

There's communication about an in-person rendezvous (Snowden will be solving a Rubik's Cube so Poitras can identify him) and details of the checks and balances he's put in place to make sure he can trust her. It's an amazing glimpse into everything that went into one of the biggest tech stories in history.

These e-mails have been released in the run-up to Poitras's film Citizenfour, which premiered last week and will start showing up in theaters nationwide Oct. 24. To learn more about the film and read the e-mails, visit Wired.

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Alex Jonathan Brown
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