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Social Media

The Deadly Seriousness of Posting Fun Stuff on Social Media: Tech Club Podcast

by Dennis Junk
on November 2, 2016

Social Media Marketing StrategyThe running joke about social media marketing is that it’s something you can simply hire an intern to do—preferably some kid fresh from college who has no idea how to negotiate a reasonable salary. I mean, all they do is post links to your company’s blog posts on Facebook, right? Okay, maybe some fun images here and there to show how awesome your company culture is too. So won’t any old… er, um, young digital native be able to handle it?   

I was excited to talk to Kristen Baumert on Tech Club this week because, as a content strategist, I know just enough about the social media side to realize I need lots of help. Kristen is a Digital Marketing Consultant and one of our top social media experts here at Aptera.

The takeaway from her interview with James and me was that you could just hire a young intern to play around on all the popular platforms—but you may as well use what little you’d pay a part-timer on polish for your ping-pong table. For social media marketing to be effective, you need someone who knows what she’s doing.

Kristen tells us about:

  • What role a marketing consultant plays in monitoring and responding to social feeds
  • What a content calendar is and how you go about creating one
  • How you determine which audience to target and how you reach that audience
  • Which platforms are the best to focus on and how you decide where to devote your time and resources
  • Why hiring a kid fresh out of college to do your business’s social media marketing is as ill-advised as hiring that same kid to build your website
  • What kind of research goes into creating a social media strategy
  • Why social strategies, like almost all other aspects of marketing, begin with buyer personas
  • How posting to platforms like Pinterest can impact your SEO
  • Where social fits in against the backdrop of your larger digital marketing strategy
  • What some of the best practices are for paid ads
  • The importance of having a reason for everything your business does on social media
  • Whether getting more likes is a reasonable goal
  • How marketing consultants can show the value of what they’re doing on social media—gotta demonstrate that ROI!
  • What role social media marketing plays at the various levels of the inbound funnel
  • Whether what marketing strategists see on social media can inform what types of content they decide to create
  • Where the actual content for social feeds comes from—and how you find the time to keep up with it
  • How social media is becoming indispensable to good customer service, and why it’s no longer an option for businesses to simply ignore comments and messages
  • Why social media marketing and customer service requires the participation of multiple team members
  • What the best way is to respond to negative comments and reviews

Kristen sometimes seems like the antithesis of the stereotypical social media marketer: while she is young, she’s also soft-spoken, highly professional, and ridiculously hardworking. Often when you begin a conversation with her on what you think are frivolous topics, you quickly come to realize the only thing frivolous about them is your own thinking. Usually, though, once the conversation gets going she’s just really witty and fun, as you’ll find out for yourself by listening in.

Dying to get an answer to your question about social media marketing? Well, it couldn’t hurt to ask: techclub@apterainc.com.

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