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The Sitefinity DEC's Role in Inbound Marketing: Tech Club Podcast

by Dennis Junk
on May 23, 2016

Digital Experience CloudThe ultimate goal of implementing an inbound marketing strategy is to eventually “close the loop.” That means you’re collecting precisely the data you need to go back and improve various components of your plan, which you can in turn implement and collect more data on in an ongoing cycle. Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot have been providing tools for closed-loop strategies for some time, but now Progress, the company behind the enterprise CMS Sitefinity, is getting into the game as well.  

For this week’s Tech Club episode, James and I interview Aptera’s Web Development Practice Leader Andy “the Dean” Glassley about how Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud can help you continually refine your buyer personas. As a web developer, Andy has seen the transformation from static websites to personalized interactive content firsthand. And he’s been learning more and more about inbound along the way.

We talk with Andy about topics including: 

  • What a CMS is and why they’re indispensable for marketers
  • What sets Sitefinity apart from other CMSs like WordPress and Joomla!
  • How James can make even something as simple as a Rich Text Editor sound creepy
  • What distinguishes Sitefinity from marketing automation platforms like HubSpot
  • How the Digital Experience Cloud relates to marketing automation tools
  • What types of information you can collect from using the DEC
  • Whether collecting this information leads to issues with security or privacy
  • What a buyer persona is and why they’re critical to your website’s success
  • What the buyer’s journey is and how you can tailor your website to facilitate progress through it
  • What closed-looped marketing is and what role the DEC plays in it
  • What the secret is to getting the full benefits of data collected by the DEC
  • When you should start collecting data on your website performance
  • How you can use the data to personalize content on your site—different pages for different personas
  • What the overlaps and distinctions are between Sitefinity and HubSpot

Andy’s the kind of guy you can throw into a group of really smart people, all of whom are experts on something he’s never heard of, and after only a few months it’ll seem like he’s more of an expert than any of them. You can get of sense of that in this interview.

If you want to learn more, check out Sitefinity’s website. And here’s a link to a quick video we made about the DEC.

And if you have questions or ideas for future podcast topics, send them along to techclub@apterainc.com.

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I'm Aptera's Content Strategist. I've been writing about tech and marketing for 5 years and have certifications from HubSpot and The Content Marketing Institute. A big science and literature geek, I taught college rhetoric and composition while I was still busy going to school for way too long, earning bachelor's degrees in anthropology and psychology, along with a master's in British and American literature. Look me up on LinkedIn.
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