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Inbound Marketing

Through the Social Media Rabbit Hole into the Inbound Marketing Funnel: Tech Club Podcast

by Dennis Junk
on November 9, 2016

inbound marketing funnel and social mediaYour social media strategy has to take into account not only who your target audience is, but where the members of that audience are in their decision-making process. In inbound marketing terms, you have to target the right buyer personas, but you also have to target them at the right stages of the buyer’s journey.

For this week’s Tech Club episode, James and I decided to follow up on the interview we did last week with social media marketing expert Kristen Baumert. James was intrigued with the idea that you could use different content to attract people in different parts of the marketing funnel. And his interest was piqued mainly because he realized he’d gone through all the stages himself to find a leather supplier who could help him recreate a kidney belt from Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, a movie from 1991.

James recalls the journey he took from first deciding to recreate the belt all the way to finding the local leather shop where he made the purchase, while I explain from an inbound marketing perspective what was going on at each step. We then go on to discuss some ways the leather shop could have made the journey much more direct.

James and I discuss:

  • Why it’s a bad idea to simply hire a young person to throw some stuff on Facebook for your business
  • What questions you should answer before you post anything on social media
  • Why it’s important to have goals even for something as simple as a link posted to your page
  • What it’s like to suddenly realize that you’re an actual buyer persona
  • What the inbound marketing funnel is and what the various stages are
  • How James made it from Google to social media and into a business’s funnel, all the way to making a purchase
  • What the awareness phase is and what types of questions people in that stage tend to have
  • How local search helps smaller businesses compete with the best of the net
  • Why James believes there’s a dark side to Pinterest
  • How the consideration phase differs from the awareness phase
  • Why people’s progress through the funnel is much more chaotic than you may envision, and why it’s so important to have a multichannel presence
  • How an experience like James’s could inform the leather provider’s buyer persona research
  • What types of questions you need to answer for the bottom of the funnel

James is a project manager for Aptera’s Business Intelligence practice. But, over the course of these interviews, he’s learning more and more about digital marketing. He’s a pretty engaging presence, both in person and over the radio waves. And we like to think the rapport between us is what helps to make the technical topics we discuss on the show a lot of fun to learn about.

Listen in and let us know: techclub@apterainc.com.

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Dennis Junk
I'm Aptera's Content Strategist. I've been writing about tech and marketing for 5 years and have certifications from HubSpot and The Content Marketing Institute. A big science and literature geek, I taught college rhetoric and composition while I was still busy going to school for way too long, earning bachelor's degrees in anthropology and psychology, along with a master's in British and American literature. Look me up on LinkedIn.
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