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Top 5 Social Media Sites for Home Builder Advertising

by Laura Larkin
on December 15, 2015

5-Social-Media-Site-for-Home-BuildersLet’s be honest. Digital marketing is not something businesses can ignore anymore. Many home builders and manufacturers, however, are still falling behind in their content marketing plans.

Home builder advertising is traditionally referral-based, yet social media strategies offer real possibilities for lead generation, brand recognition, and a renewed customer base. To get started, we’ve compiled a countdown of the top 5 best social media sites that home builders should capitalize on for their content marketing in 2016.

  1. Instagram

A site ideal for pretty images, Instagram may not seem like a shoe-in for home builders, but it can provide valuable recognition, increase online engagement, and reach a new demographic. Instagram offers an easy system for liking and commenting with a slew of hashtags to choose from, creating interaction around trade-specific posts. Instagram also offers simple multi-platform posting to Facebook and Twitter, simplifying the posting process.

  1. Google Plus

We’ll be the first to admit that Google has been shaking things up lately, but the site’s algorithms are still putting businesses on the map. If optimized properly, a Google+ business page ensures that a business pops up in localized search. For small businesses and home builder advertising, this is a huge benefit. In addition, images and status updates posted on a Google+ page can significantly benefit a company’s search index, leading to more links and interested leads back to your social platforms and website. 

  1. Facebook

While there’s still great debate over whether Facebook is falling behind in the social media race, there are still more people on Facebook than any other social media site. Home builders with a Facebook business page can post daily updates, interact with fans, tag clients, and create events or giveaways to gain attention online. But be forewarned: Facebook’s algorithm updates make it difficult for business pages to achieve new views, so preparing at least a small budget for ad space may be advisable. 

  1. Pinterest

As a rule, an image is worth a thousand words. This is twice as true for Pinterest. This image-based social media site allows for the sharing and saving of everything from recipes to DIY projects, but it’s also a great resource for home builders to showcase their previous work, leave links to their website or blog, and gain recognition for their brand. Spending a few minutes a day uploading actual projects on Pinterest and creating the best Pinterest boards for home builders will encourage “pinners” to share their favorites and increase project views exponentially.

  1. Houzz

And number one on our list? Houzz. With over 90,000 professional home builders to date using it, this savvy social media site is practically made for home builders. Designed to catch the eye of homeowners and designers alike, Houzz allows users to create professional profiles of actual projects for both a local and a national audience. With a built-in keyword structure, segmented categories, and simple Facebook integration, home builder advertising will be right at home (no pun intended). 

For home builders, their reputation precedes them. Publishing highlighted projects to at least these 5 social media platforms will increase views, raise recognition in localized search engines, and lead to more interaction around particular projects and brands. Home builder advertising is still a game of targeting, however, so knowing your buyer persona and following an inbound marketing strategy is also key in this arena.

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Laura Larkin
Laura is a writing professional with specialized experience in Social Media, blogging, and digital marketing strategies. She has a BA in Professional Writing from Taylor University and 4 years of experience as a freelance blogger, strategist and marketer. You can catch her on social media @Ladycordless or leave a comment on the blog below.
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