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Website Goals and Getting Your Business Found Online: Tech Club Podcast

by Dennis Junk
on June 29, 2016

SEO and Getting Your Website FoundGone are the days of static websites that simply tell anyone who happens across them what your business does. Companies today are thinking of websites as salespeople who are on the clock 24 hours a day. And yet far too many businesses approach redesigns as a matter of settling on a look and feel for the new site—coupled with text that conveys everything they’d like visitors to know about them. This is a recipe for a site no one stays on for long, and that’s in the unlikely event that anyone finds it in the first place.  

This week, James and I interview Digital Marketing Performance Strategist Brandon Smits about what businesses need to do to ensure their online efforts translate into some actual revenue. Brandon plays a key role in discoveries for digital marketing projects, helping businesses establish goals and set up mechanisms to track performance.

We ask Brandon to address topics like:

  • What issue businesses most often feel they have with their website and online presence
  • Why your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to get more traffic to your site
  • Why thinking of your website as an elaborate business card is too limiting
  • What single thing most businesses overlook when planning their website redesign
  • How you can tell if your site is delivering sufficient returns on your investment
  • What timescales are sufficient for collecting representative performance data
  • What some of the most common goals are that businesses set for their websites
  • How you can learn from the behavior of site visitors even without a form
  • How to tailor your content for different users to reach different goals
  • Why thinking about links puts you in the right mindset for SEO
  • How to figure out which page is the best one to link to
  • How advanced platforms like the Sitefinity DEC allow you to personalize visitors’ experiences
  • What some of the challenges are facing small vs larger businesses
  • What it really means to be helpful or useful with your online content
  • Why you should avoid making your website more about you than about your visitors
  • What buyer personas are and why they’re important
  • What the various potentially problematic aspects of your web strategy might be

Almost everyone around Aptera has at some point had the experience of getting caught up in a conversation with Brandon about how businesses use technology and the various online channels to reach customers, develop their brands, and grow their enterprises. You’ll just be scratching the surface of his encyclopedic knowledge here, but it’s always well worth it to hear what he has to say.

If you have any further questions, or if you have a good idea for a topic we can cover in another episode, let us know at techclub@apterainc.com.

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Dennis Junk
I'm Aptera's Content Strategist. I've been writing about tech and marketing for 5 years and have certifications from HubSpot and The Content Marketing Institute. A big science and literature geek, I taught college rhetoric and composition while I was still busy going to school for way too long, earning bachelor's degrees in anthropology and psychology, along with a master's in British and American literature. Look me up on LinkedIn.
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