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What Is The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work?

by Jon Fazzaro
on November 3, 2017

Software Simplicity

What is the simplest fix that could possibly resolve the bug?

What is the simplest way that we could possibly deliver the feature?

What is the simplest answer that could possibly change the question?

What is the simplest blog post that could possibly get my point across?




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Jon Fazzaro
Jon took this whole nerd thing pro well over a decade ago and has been slinging code with Aptera since 2008. He holds an MCSD, a PSM, a PSD, a PSPO, and is a BMF besides. These days, he may or may not be unhealthily consumed with building sustainable software, and with building teams that build sustainable software. Whatever you do, don’t follow @jonfazzaro on Twitter.
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