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A New Way For Buyers to Personalize Their Products

by Laura Larkin
on July 26, 2017

From Browsers to Buyers: 3 Top-Performing Ecommerce Sites That Are Using Product Configurators Effectively


You think you’ve done everything right with your website strategy. You have a newly updated website. You have your marketing efforts aligned. Maybe you even have an e-commerce platform developed. But your month-over-month numbers aren’t growing the way you, or the rest of your executive team, projected in your ROI.

This is a common problem today. And things you can do to remedy this situation are vast: optimize your keywords and descriptions, spend more money on paid ads, or maybe even try to tackle cart abandonment. What many marketers don’t think about is a new way for the potential purchaser to interact with products online in the same way they would at a brick-and-mortar. How much time would a shopper spend looking for the right size t-shirt? How much time would they spend looking through all the colors available and comparing it to their skin tone? Translating this interaction pattern into a virtual form offers a new way for online shoppers to experience a product before they buy it.

That’s where configurators come into the game. They offer new ways for potential buyers to choose, assemble, or engineer their own products with an interactive online platform. Configurators have the potential to keep buyers entertained, reduce bounce rate, and personalize the online buying process.

But what questions should be asked before making the step toward a product configurator? Are there some industries that would not benefit from them? Here’s a closer look at key considerations for increasing sales online and our top three enterprise-level companies that are using product configurators just right.

Download the free eBook From Browsers to Buyers: 3 Top-Performing E-commerce Sites That Are Using Product Configurators Effectively to find out more about how configurators are changing the way businesses interact with their online customers.


From Browsers to Buyers: 3 Top-Performing Ecommerce Sites That Are Using Product Configurators Effectively




Laura Larkin
Laura is a writing professional with specialized experience in Social Media, blogging, and digital marketing strategies. She has a BA in Professional Writing from Taylor University and 4 years of experience as a freelance blogger, strategist and marketer. You can catch her on social media @Ladycordless or leave a comment on the blog below.
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